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Why so much exaggeration about religion?

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1 year ago

When we are born into this world, we do not know what our religion will be. There are different types of religions in the world. The main religions are four

1. Islam

2. Hindu

3. Christian

4. Buddhist

There are many other unnamed religions. But all those religions are human fabrications and religions are worthless. At present there are 1.6 millon followers of Islam and 1.8 millon followers of Hinduism in the world Followers of Christianity 4.8 millon And followers of Buddhism 1.9 millon . There are many different religions without knowing their names.

The scriptures of every religion are the guide of that religion. For example, 1. The scripture of Islam is Al-Quran, 2. The scripture of Hinduism is Gita, 3. The scripture of Christianity is the Bible, and the scripture of Buddhism is the cane.

The scriptures are a thing in which everything about the conduct of religion is recorded. Therefore, everyone should keep an eye on their own scriptures because the main reason for going too far with religion is not having a good knowledge of the scriptures.

When a follower of Christianity asks the followers of his opposite religion why your religion is like that, why you do such activities, etc., then the exaggeration of religion starts. In other words, when a person of a different religion insults in the name of another religion, then the religion begins to exaggerate.

A devout person never tolerates bad words or bad comments about his religion. But there are some people who have no knowledge of religion and scriptures. They are not reluctant to make harsh remarks about the opposite religion.

At present there are 1.6 millon followers of Islam in the world John. But a statistic has shown that Islam is the most exaggerated religion. Islam is the religion of the majority of all "insults, which. Exceeding the religion is created. There is no harshness and exaggeration.

In the end, I would like to say that all of us must have a good knowledge of our own religion and scriptures, then the excesses in religion will decrease.

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1 year ago
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