Presearch : Turn your search engine into Money/Crypto generating machine !

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This is the second article in a series about passive money making ways. This is passive because you are already using search engine on daily basis and this does not require any extra special work.

Presearch is a chrome extension like my previous article about Peach Plugin.

Presearch is what they call it :

Integrated Search Experience and Rewards Evolution

It is a decentralized search engine framework. Now let's move on from technical jargon to money making / interesting part.

available for Firefox also

You need to install extension from google web store. Sign in / create account to accumulate PRE tokens (crypto currency). Every time you use your search engine this extension opens own search page from there you can go to google if you want otherwise their are various options like YouTube also. this search will give you 0.25 tokens for free which will be deposited in your crypto account. you need to accumulate 1000 to withdraw.

Presearch is available as an app on google play as well as IOS so can be used on mobile also

The Presearch mobile app enables users to have Presearch as their default search engine on their mobile device, allowing them to search (and earn rewards) at any time, anywhere. So all those who use mobile to earn money online are welcome. My articles mostly cater to global solutions so this also is available for every country. (me myself am from a developing country). even users from Pakistan can use this.

Get Paid in Cryptocurrency: When you search, you will be rewarded with Presearch’s PRE crypto tokens. These tokens can be used to buy services, or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

As every crypto is dealing with high prices of Ethereum ETH same is with PRE so withdrawals currently are delayed but are happening for sure.

Colin Pape is the current CEO. Trey Grainger is the CTO. Tim Enneking Chairman. You would have heard these names if you are in that domain. SEO etc.

Presearch operates a search engine that already has more than 1.5 million users, making it one of the largest crypto and block-chain projects in the world. Its users conduct over 10 million searches a month., the website, has an estimated value of over $30 million USD based on current traffic alone. The project is viable, self-sustaining, and set to explode in terms of function, quality of user experience, reach, and the number of users and searches.

1. User control over data and privacy

2. Payment for contributing value to the ecosystem

3. Decentralization of the search ecosystem

PRE are transferable to any Ethereum compatible wallet that recognizes ERC20 tokens. Token holders are able to sell their PRE directly to any business or individual interested in generating Presearch results at whatever price the seller is able to obtain for their token inventory.

It was launched in June 2017.

Burning 500M PRE from the maximum supply forced the project to run leaner and focus even more on achieving positive tokenomics.

1.5 M registered users

7700 Telegram Members

9900 YouTube Subscribers

This system currently provides searchers with the opportunity to earn up to 8 PRE per day at a rate of 0.25 PRE per search, with reward amounts set to adjust automatically based upon platform tokenomics (supply and demand) in Q4 2020. The daily maximum may ultimately be increased, or even eliminated. Earned reward tokens are held in a user account, where they accumulate until the number of eligible tokens exceeds the minimum withdrawal threshold, currently set at 1,000.

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