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There is no Nunavat Karona

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1 year ago

Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections are on the rise in many parts of Canada. But there is no corona in the northern part of the country. This region of North America is still called tax-free.

According to the BBC, the new coronavirus spread in different countries of the world last March. At that time, borders were closed as a precautionary measure in many countries. Authorities took similar action in Nunavat. The minimum risk was not taken. Nunavut's regulations were stricter than those imposed in other parts of Canada. The travel ban imposed on residents was quite strict. In addition, non-residents were barred from entering Nunavat.

However, some residents of Nunavut returned to their homeland from southern Canada. However, in that case, they had to stay in isolation for two weeks first. In this case the expenditure was borne officially. Isolation hubs were built in hotels in different areas, including Winnipeg and Yellowknife.

Security personnel were on high alert for isolation. The people there had regular health check-ups. So far, more than 6,000 people have been housed in isolation hubs in Nunavut. They all later returned home in healthy bodies.

However, there have been various problems in the control of these corona. Many times it has been seen that someone in isolation has escaped. Once again, certain people from outside did not agree to stay in isolation. Again, there were some complaints about the food provided in the isolation hub. However, as a result of these measures, there is still no coronavirus infection in Nunavat. However, like other European countries, coronary heart disease is on the rise in Canada.

About 36,000 people live in Nunavat. This region is surrounded by the Arctic Sea. About 25 communities live in Nunavat. Its area is about 20 lakh square kilometers. This Nunavat is twice the size of Texas in the United States.

Michael Patterson, Nunavat's chief public health officer, said people here, like in other parts of the country, were at risk of Covid-19. But it has been prevented due to timely action.

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Written by   132
1 year ago
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