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The shadow of the clouds in the mountains Episode-12

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2 years ago

Rain at the end of the afternoon

At the end. Spend the whole time in the tent today

Everyone has. The beauty of wet nature at the end of the rain

Everyone came out of the tent to enjoy.

The sky is close to the rain.

- Where are your friends?

- Why?

• Why again! You will come forward.

I do not know where they are!

- I don't know! Didn't call?

- I don't have a phone.

- Everyone else was here. And mine

You could ask for it! Take this, call.

Rain does not want to leave here! This

Akash handed the phone again! What now

It can be done!

Her phone is off, so Rain is at her own number

Dial. Repeatedly saying that it is not possible to make a connection.

Phone off.

কাছে Give it to someone else.

- I don't know the car number anymore.

- Give it to your own phone. That is Taymar

To a friend.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content

I said. So that the parents do not know anything.

- Hyatt! How to go now!

- Stay with you. And they may be covered

Is back. Today we were supposed to return to Dhaka.

- That's the point! Eat for free

In the back, he is quite comfortable, so he doesn't want to go.

What a man father! Eat and work again! Accounts

He kept it, returned to Dhaka and paid for it.

- You can't stay here. He knows his father's number

Yes, I told my father to come and take me.

Why! I have no problem with that.

But ours is.

- Stay with you! That's your problem

Being! Athai apu, jhumur apu taemader ki konae

Having trouble staying with me?

The rest of the listeners did not answer

Smiling. The rain said again,

- You see, they have no problem.

You can't stay without them.

Rizvi says,

Don't stay in the sky. Someone chased his girlfriend like this


Everyone laughed hahahahaha. The sky is angry

Takalae towards Rizvi.

And once I say something contradictory

Don't stay with them even for a moment.

Everyone fell silent. The sky aims at rain


- It's up to you how to get to your friends

Informed. But it's clear, stay with us


The sky is gone from there. The rain cut off


- Oops! Can't stay with us! Like her

I'm sitting on my head, I can't stand it!

Idiot one!

After a while they all came out of the forest together

Elae to turn towards the mountain. Medium-sized

Climb to the top of the hill and see a beautiful rainbow in the eastern sky

Everyone is happy. The rain started to jump happily

Has done. As a result of the leaps and bounds in the rugged mountains

If you slip and fall, the sky next to you

He grabbed the t-shirt. The sky looked annoying

Looking at the rain. The rain also makes me upset again

Leaving him, he stood on the other side. For the rainbow

The sky

Looks very nice.

Everyone on their phones

Busy painting with rainbow! The sky is also a rainbow

Taking pictures. I don't want to have a phone near the rain


Can't take picture. He is on one side of the hill

He came and sat down and grabbed his knees

He looked at the rainbow. Even if the mood is bad

Looking at the rainbow, the mind has become better. So in the face

To enjoy the beauty of the rainbow with a sweet smile

It's raining. After a while Avro came to the rain and sat down


Upset or rain! Everybody turns it around

Berache, why are you sitting here?

-Let's listen to a poem about the rainbow, poet brother!

Ha ha ha! Now is the time to enjoy. First subdivision

I will make poems later.

- You can be a great poet if you try.

- Stay! The great poets became competitors again

You will be angry with me.

- Hihihi ....

The rainbow blended into it. Go on, go back to the tent.

- All right.

They returned to the tent at sunset. It's raining

The atmosphere feels very cold. Cooking chicken rast

It will be dinner with what has been done.

Now only rice with the help of picked dried leaves

Cooked. Burning in the middle of the tent

Everyone is sitting scattered around the fire.

Athai says,

Rizvi listening to a song.

- Give me the money.

- Where's the bribe? When he took a bribe, he had a stomach ache

There will be problems everywhere.

- Why sing if you give such bad prayers! Listen to the song

I can't find it.

-Yeah, don't listen to his songs. Listening to his song Nitukei.

Akash and Raunak sang Shana.

Akash replies,

- I'm not in the mood.

Raunak says,

- Why do you always want to listen to our songs!

They sang Shana today.

He said with great annoyance,

- Daddy Daddy! What a power of one person! I think so

The best singer in the world!

Simi says,

- Just tell them why! In front of us

Singing will make them feel pasty. Another infamous

Poet! All the time is lost in thought!

- Dude, don't bother! To match a line

I just can't!

Today the rain is very quiet! Simi aims at rain


- Can't sing in the rain?

Apu who can not sing the song! Some in public, some

In secret! But everyone can sing the song.

Wow! How do you sing now Or in public

In secret?

- I accept the situation.

- Well, will you sing now?

What kind of songs do you want to listen to?

You decide what kind of us we are

Want to listen to music!

When the rain began to sing,

It makes his mind wander

Let me stay

I will watch in silence

And gestures to the postman

Tell me if you want

Come with me

In the rain of that bored city

Today in Vijba in two

My arrogant mind

Wants him again and again

So I say income ray run income

If he can, let me stay

I will watch in silence

And gestures to the postman!

The whole song is singing looking at the rain sky.

Everyone present here has noticed the matter.

Akash also understood so he got up in the middle of the song

Gone to the other side in the dark. When the rain song ends

Everyone praised his voice. Everyone is fascinated! Simi


-Wow! You sing very beautifully. I thought no

I was listening to the artist's song!

If you say more, it will melt again!

Everyone laughed together. Simi laughed again


- Not much. You sang really well.

Surely to participate in the program?

- I used to. Admitted to singing class at 6 o'clock

Dad did. In various programs up to eighth grade

I have participated. Then the parents forbade it

I did not participate anywhere else.

Why the ban?

I don't like singing. Parents have supported before

But after being a little pious, he forbade it. Good

Since it is better not to move in that direction.

- Ah, well!

Jhumur told Rizvi,

I saw how beautiful the sixth girl sang at that age!

And their songs will not even close to the edge! They

You can only do va va e according to the goat!

- Wow, we don't do that, you do, that's the proof

You're welcome.

-Hihihi .... You did it to me!

In this way they quarrel with each other in groups

Swallowed Someone is smiling, someone is throwing words in the face! Rain

He got up from among them and went into the darkness,

Wherever the sky went. Behind the flames

Rain came to see the full moon! In the leaves of the tree

The sky can be seen piece by piece. White clouds

Floating in the sky and all around Chad

Spread. A little eye around a little

It rained in the sky. The sky is one

Chad is leaning against the tree. The rain is strong

He came to the sky on foot.

- Why are you standing here like this?

You do not have to be accountable!

- Hmm, no.

- Why are you here?

- To spend time with you.

Stay away from me.

-If not!

- Dad's darling daughter! So the stubborn father

Look closely. Don't show it to anyone outside. Lots

Will face danger.

- That's what people think of me!

At the moment the rain seems crazy to the sky.

Akash wants to understand one and the girl understands

Another one! So the sky again without saying anything

There is more to drink. And the rain is watching the trees

Leaning towards the sky. This is Chad's gentle alley

The sky looks so beautiful. This boy

Why does he like everything so much! Thinks

Rain! How the name matched, the sky and the rain!

When I thought about it, a smile appeared on my face. The sky

Looking at Chad, I can understand that the rain is blinking

Looking at him. So say,

- Don't look at me like that.

- Why? What happens when you look?

- A lot can happen.

- Like?

Such love can become.

Where is the problem?

I do not like these.

If I say, love is already!

Leaving the sky leaning towards the rain

He looked up and said,

- What did you say?

- I fell in love little by little from day one

I went to Taymar.

Akash said nothing but a loud slap

Put it on the cheek of the rain. Unable to cope with the rain

He leaned back a little from the fixed place and cheeked

A word came out of his mouth as soon as he was slapped


- Love!

Thanks for reading i will upload next part soon

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Written by   132
2 years ago
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Dial. Repeatedly saying that it is not possible to make a connection

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