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The shadow of the clouds in the mountains Episode-10

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2 years ago

If you are off college, you wake up at home at nine, ten!

But the rain in this forest wakes up the birds very early in the morning

In a chirping sound. He is new here every day

He sees the red sun and the sweet red.

Even if he stays here all his life, he will not be satisfied. This

He likes everything in the environment. Just

Except for one thing! That's the toilet! Stay

There is no problem in the eating corner. But with the toilet

All the problems! Toilet in the forest again

Where the children are together! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Although the two sides of the tent are bound by thin sacks

The toilet. One for boys and another for girls

For. Still a little uncomfortable! The rain came out of the tent

I started walking towards the north. Today the sky is a tree

Not looking to hang on the branches. The sky did not rise! A little

As soon as he went to the front, he saw Akash and Rizvi coming.

Rizvi's face is moving very much and the sky is silent. In hand

They have something. The rain walked towards them

Go ahead. Rizvi looked at the rain and said,

- Why do you wake up in the morning in the rain! What every day

The mind wants to rise in the lap of the sky?

What is there to ask for! It is from the lap of the sky

It's raining. Hihihi .....

- Haha ... I see Avro Kabir's words come true!

Akash stared angrily at Rizvi. Then

Rizvi took the packet from his hand and walked away

Go to the tent. Rizvi and Brishti walk firmly

Going to the tent. Seeing the packet asks Rain


- What's in the packet?

- The packet has a croaking croaking croaking croaking.

- Frog! What to do with frogs?

- You cook and eat. Ha ha ha .....

- Walk! Spit! Shit! Always said such nonsense

Why! You eat all this!

- Now spit, eat again when cooked

Don't run for it.

- I don't eat frogs. Agreed not to eat for seven days

Still not willing to eat frogs.

- That means seven days after eight days of frogs

I agree to eat! Ha ha ha ....

Shit! You look so bad. Too bad

Lake. You, you are ripe.

Rizvi walks into the tent laughing hahahahaha.

Ella. Jhumur fell in front. Seeing Rizvi smiling


- Kiri! Why are you laughing like that!

The guest behind us wants to eat the rain frog.

As a spice, he is asking to give it to Gaber. Frogs

It can be found, but where can I find it,


Listening to Rizvi's words, Jhumur also ha ha in the morning

I started laughing. The rain is bursting with rage!

- What is Rizvi Bhaiya telling me when Apu shows up!

Gudum Gudum is crying in his stomach with hunger

On top of all this nonsense, brother! Now

I'm vomiting!

If he vomits, he will vomit on Rizvi. Diameter, equal


This time the rain started laughing. Avro out of the tent


Bacha Rizvi, did he have a breakup with Nitu!

That's why I fell behind this little girl Ray!

- Alas! Alas! That's great! I can't stand it,

Poet! You don't know, the little girl is huge

Lying behind the sky. Ha ha ha! Good talk

You think, friend, even if you don't have a breakup with Nitu today

There is a possibility of becoming. Tomorrow is today

I woke him up in the morning by calling!

Jhumur and Avro started laughing. Rizvi ran to the tent

Gone. Avro followed. Rain doesn't understand anything

When asked,

- Who's Nitu?

Jhumur replied,

- Rizvi's girlfriend.

Oh well. What would be the girlfriend of such a lake

Sister! That boy speaks such nonsense!

Jhumur smiled and replied,

- All this is for our sake. Girlfriend

What else to say with this! That's when the love affair


Akash came out of the tent and called Jhumur for the packet

Dilae. With the rain swallowed. He opened the packet and saw

Four broiler chickens! And Rizvi called it a frog


After a while, he was cutting chicken and cooking rast. The sky

And Raunak can cook very well. It's raining here

He has been watching all the cooking boys since he came

Doing. The girls are just tickling. Rizvi jokes

Shunaya and Avro poems. And everyone else is a listener!

The sky is getting cloudy. So they hurry

Arranged cooking. Two stoves with stones

Made and cooked. Cooking rice is the last rest cooking

Towards the end. At that time one drop or two drops

It started to rain. The rest of the furniture everyone

Quickly putting in the tent. Rizvi brought an umbrella and put it on the stove

Left standing. The rest looked up at the sky

Lagalae rain is likely to be more!

Rizvi stood holding an umbrella and aimed at the rain, saying,

- If you can't be patient, it's raining! Untimely

You have to come!

What did I do again!

- It's raining on my umbrella

Reading. Do not want to finish cooking!

Rain realized this time because his name was Rain

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! So hee hee hee laughed. Them

Cooking is over. They own their own food

Gone to the tent. The rain intensified in a few minutes

It started falling at speed. Someone after eating

Sleeping, someone is sitting in the tent fucking and watching the rain.

The sky is going out when you see the rain in the gap of the tent.

Maybe get wet in the rain! Wishing for rain now

To get wet No, there is no point in just suppressing the will

Either way He took off his shoes and the rain came out. The sky is the tent

Has moved forward a lot since. The rain also ran

Swallowed up in the sky. It is better to run barefoot

Looks like! The sky looks at the rain and says,

- Why are you here?

- Why are you here?

I have come to gassel.

I'll do it too.

- Why is he coming with me?

- If you want, so be it.

The sky is nothing but looking ahead

Seeing one, he suddenly stopped. The rain is also in the sky

He looked at her and stopped. Them

Raunak and Simi together a little away from

It's getting wet. Romantic scene! Simi matches both hands

He is staring at the sky. And Raunak

According to Simi, he touched Simi's hands

He is standing behind looking at the sky. Simi

Raunak's head is stuck in his chest! Just to see the scene

A wave of joy played in the rain. Maybe they are

The happiest couple in the world!

The sky did not move forward and returned to the tent

When he wanted to come, the rain stopped him holding his hand. The sky

Looking at him, the rain said,

- Please don't go. I also want to be with you

Veggie. Please ...

Rain looks different! The sky is like Maya

Throws. The sky shook his hand in one fell swoop

He started walking in front again. The rain ran

Standing in front of the sky blocked the way. A little more

Annoyed, he said,

- Do you have to hold on to your legs now?

Akash tells Bru Kuch with annoyance,

- Listen to what's going on!

Rain looked helplessly and said,

Today he will leave. Fulfill a wish.

We don't go there, we walk here and there. Please!

The sky is soft in the direction of the rain

I started walking slowly. The rain is happy in the sky

I started walking side by side. Altae Altae

Touching and holding a hand of the sky. Hand

The sky looked at the hand and it rained again

He looked at his face. The sky looked up to understand it

Pereo is still walking looking at the rain. Sky hand

If you want to take a break, the rain presses harder


- Please, don't walk for long. A few minutes.

Akash started walking in front again. To see the rain

Got some wildflowers in front! The rain leaves the sky

He ran away and went there. The sky from behind


- Be careful! These have swollen cuts.

The rain swallowed the sky carefully.

The sky also swallowed up. White and pink

There are a lot of jaba flowers to see in the blooming flowers

According to. But Jaba is not a flower. The shape of this flower is Ara

Large. The flowers are soaked in rain water

Looks interesting. It's raining when you swell your hands

Cut by hand.

- Off!

I did not say that this flower is cut!

- How?

Why take! Not satisfied to see!

- Will you take one?

- I can't. No desire to get hurt by the cut

I do not have

Don't get hurt. Try it once.

- Is my hand cut or cut in my hand?

Don't blow!

- Your hand is harder than Leah's.

- Hyatt! Harder than Leah!

- What the heck! I walked hand in hand for a while

My hand in the palm of my hand for once

Didn't catch! Don't tear a flower. Boys girlfriends

Do something for it and you are afraid of being cut

Not tearing a flower!


- This girl, what are you talking about! You are my girlfriend

If so!

Take it from today.

Stop talking nonsense. And

He also stopped following me.

- Will you pluck the flowers now or not? If not, but

To shout ....

- What if you scream?

- You get annoyed when you scream, and very fast

Give me flowers.

Not in the daytime.

Really a rock!

Rain looked around and started looking for something. The sky

When asked,

- What are you looking for?

- Maeta is looking for a stick to blow your head off


Akash laughed hahahahaha. Rain in the sky

Seeing the smile, he smiled. This boy's smile

When he saw her, he fell in love again and again. The boy is here

How beautiful smile! She looked around and saw teak

Got the leaves of the tree. Flowers with two leaves together

It started to tear. Two flowers have burst. One

White is a galaxy. The rest of the gula is inside the jump

Towards. The arms are not that long. Let him get two

Happy. Akash is soft on his flower picking technique

Laughing. The girl has intelligence. The rain has subsided. Now

It's raining. They get wet again

Come back to the tent. Avro them from another tent

Seeing together, he wanted to say something

Akash put his finger in his ear and hurried to the tent

Gone. Rain smiled at his stem. She also understands

Avro has now written his poem about the two of them

So Akash put his finger in his ear. Rain too

Laughing, he went to their tent.

Thanks for reading

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Written by   132
2 years ago
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