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Fake ID with lakhs of followers, embarrassed Sarika

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2 years ago

The phenomenon of fake IDs of entertainment stars on Facebook is not new. Filled Facebook pages with fake IDs of stars. Stars are often embarrassed because of these fake IDs. Model and actress Sarika Sabreen is in a similar situation. More than 50 fake IDs in his name are circulating on Facebook. The heroine is extremely embarrassed with a fake ID called 'Sarika Sabreen'.

The number of followers of this ID is about 1 lakh 16 thousand. IDT is also active regularly. Not only that, there are many entertainment journalists including many actors and actresses in the list of friends in this ID. And this is the reason why the fans and well-wishers of Sarika are constantly being deceived by thinking that it is the real ID of Sarika. Co-artists and friends are creating misunderstandings with Sarikar by not getting any response by contacting this ID. But Sarika says something else. According to him, his ID was hacked about two and a half years ago. He has not been on Facebook since then

Sarika said that confusion is being created due to fake IDs, "The number of followers in this ID is very high. Apart from that, many media stars and journalists are on the friend list of this ID.

Many people think this is my real ID. Everyone communicates with that ID. Misunderstood me without getting any response. The subject is extremely embarrassing for me. I’m upset. ’This ID has led to misunderstandings with acquaintances, friends, co-stars and drama directors. The incident of arrogance was not left out either. These incidents are still happening, said Sarika. He said, ‘The person who runs this ID is very cunning. Use my pictures with pretty nice status. Seeing the regular movement, many co-artists, directors and journalists contacted by sending short messages to the inbox of that ID.

But there is no response even if it is a message scene. Not getting a reply to the message makes everyone think I don't reply on purpose. I have to be humiliated in different places. But now I am shooting regularly.

That is a fake ID, I am telling everyone on the set when I go to the shooting. Slowly everyone’s mistakes are breaking down. ’Didn’t you complain to the police station or the cyber crime office about the matter? "Two and a half years ago, when the IDT was hacked, I verbally informed an official of the Cyber ​​Crime Security and Crime Division," Sarika said.

This ID has led to misunderstandings with acquaintances, friends, co-stars and drama directors. The incident of arrogance was not left out either.

After that there was no communication. The problem is increasing day by day. So I think I will make a GD at the police station. Otherwise, they can hang me from fake ID. '

Meanwhile, the actress has returned to regular drama since last Eid-ul-Fitr. He said, now the girl has grown up. Five years old. So shooting is not a problem. He is able to work regularly. ‘The girl encourages me to go shooting now.

When I go to the shooting, he says to me, "Mom, you go to the shooting, I will be like Lakshmi's daughter." Before, the age was low, leaving the girl at home to work was tense. That is not happening now. Dadabari, Nanabari, the girl spends time in both places now ', said Sarika

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Written by   132
2 years ago
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Wonderful story... I like this

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