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Europe defeated by Corona, Health Minister of affected Germany

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2 years ago

Corona outbreaks have risen alarmingly in several European countries. This time, German Health Minister Jens Spann has been infected with the coronavirus. As of last Tuesday, more than half a million people in the European Union and the United Kingdom had been infected with the coronavirus. 2 lakh 34 thousand people died.

According to European media reports, the rate of new infections is rising alarmingly. In some countries the rate of this infection is much higher than last March, April. Experts say the second wave of coronaviruses across Europe has not yet reached its peak. Corona-affected European countries are taking alternative measures to keep the wheel of the economy moving without going into a complete lockdown. Countries are taking drastic measures to prevent coronavirus infection

German Health Minister Jens Spaan met with cabinet members, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, on Wednesday. Later in the evening his corona test report came positive. He has been at home ever since. All the ministers present at yesterday's meeting are now quickly examining the corona. In the last 24 hours, 11,300 people have been infected with corona in Germany, a record for the country. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged people not to travel unnecessarily and to wear masks.

A month-long curfew is being imposed in the Italian capital Rome, Lazio, Lombardy and Campanine from Friday. A total of 127 people died of coronavirus in the country in 24 hours on Wednesday. And 15 thousand 200 people have been infected. Hospitals in Italy are stopping taking ordinary patients due to rising infection rates. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has called on the public to refrain from unnecessary travel in a speech to Rome's Senate.

Infection rates have risen sharply in the Spanish provinces of Aragon, La Rioja, Castilian and Lyon. The people of Saragosa, Hoeska, Trail, the largest cities in these provinces, have been banned from leaving the city without any urgent need. Spain's health minister, Salvador Ila Corona, is considering curfews in provinces where the infection rate is high.

An emergency law has been extended in France from Saturday to February 18 to prevent coronary heart disease.

A spokesman for French President Emmanuel Macho said there could be a nationwide curfew to prevent the spread of the disease. A curfew has already been imposed in Paris from 9pm. In the last 24 hours, 6,550 people have been infected with corona in France.

In Belgium, all restaurants and bars are being closed by 8pm to reduce corona infection. More than eight thousand people are being infected in the country every day.

In the last 24 hours, 26,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in the UK. A spokesman for the British government said 6,790,000 people had been infected and 44,000 had died in the country so far.

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Written by   132
2 years ago
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