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Detective and mystery stories

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2 years ago

Rocky Beach, Los Angeles, California.

Robin left the bicycle on the stand and entered the room

Milford. Cheeky look. Brown hair. The short one

American Kisher.

Robin, Eli? Mrs. heard the sound and called from the kitchen


Yes, Mom, Robin responded. Uki knocked on the kitchen door. Something

Tell me?

Mother and son have a lot in common. Hair color is also one. Cake

Made by Mrs. Milford. How does the job feel?

Well, said Robin. There is not much work. The book goes back

Readers. Seeing the number, keeping it in place, busy.

There are plenty of opportunities to study.

Kisha called, arranging the cake on a wooden bar

Mother said to keep.

What, what did he say?

He asked her to give him a message.

What is the message?

I don't understand. I have it in my apron pocket.

Give it to me, Robin.

Wait a minute. I'm finishing my handiwork, looking big

Mother picked up the cake. He extended his hand towards the boy and said, no,

Eat it. Surely he is hungry.

Robin bit the cake.

Harry, Robin, Rolls Royce got it ...

You heard. Then. I didn't, Kisha got it, chewed the cake

Robin said chewing. Tried, didn't. One hundred and eighty

I have said more, Musa Dusha is less than ten.

That's it! To get Kisher means to get them too .... Robin,

What was the competition Ray?

Don't know? Robin swallowed the cake in Chibana and said,

That's one thing! In a large jar filled with bean sprouts

The company left in the window ...

Yes. Announced: There are beans cut in jars that can say,

Schaefers will be given a Rolls Royce to give him thirty

For the day. All costs are borne by the company. Look at the jar

I immediately submitted the answer. Musa and I.

Kisha did not do that. The jar looked good, from this side

From there. Came back home. The calculation started. How big

Jar, beech size, how much space each beech takes up,

Etc. etc. There was only that for three days .... his

The answer is not entirely correct, more than three. But more than that

No one else was around. Kisher's answer is correct

The company did it, Robin bit the cake again.

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable

Deleting mom. Where are you going?

Thinking about that, Robin put the rest of the cake in his mouth.

Take the fabric?

Robin shook his head. Raised his hand, the message, mother?

Mrs. took out a piece of paper from her pocket

Milford. Kisher spelled in English,

He wrote. Read, Sabuj Fatak Yeka printed

What does it mean to turn on the ray?

The green gate must enter through one. The printing press is open,

Robin turned around as soon as he spoke. The door was closed


Oh, this is Eli! And right now ... Mom stopped. Is out.

Robin. He shrugged.

One run hallroom parallel Robin. The door slammed shut

Came out. Out. Pull the suntand with a push and jump

Sat on the bicycle. Broken leg, as if forgotten.

The pain is not so much. Now. Also special for cycling

There is no difficulty. The incident happened while climbing the mountain. Broken

Dr. Almanju has put a brace on the place. Fear

Granted, the legs will be fine soon.

The sixth neat town is Rocky Beach. The Pacific Ocean on one side,

The Santa Monica Mountains on the other side.

Santa Monica is exaggerated to mean mountains, mountains

Becomes less. He got into trouble while riding on one of them

Robin. Pretty steep. Usually no one goes to climb. Bet

That's where he went to climb. Somehow the five hundred burst,

Then the foot slipped.

El Robin crossed the edge of the suburbs. That's it

The junk yard. Pasha Salvage Yard.

Two brothers Jahed Pasha and Rashed Pasha. Bengali. On average

Raised that junk-yard. Earlier the name was Pasha canceled

Warehouse Signboards in English letters were installed

Bengali name. No one could pronounce correctly, just empty

Distorted pronunciation. Regmege is forced to change the name at the end

Has become Rashed Pasha, Kishore's uncle.

Now Rashed Pasha runs Salvage Yard alone. No brother.

There is no future, both of them died in one meter accident.

Returning from Hollywood at night. Mountain path. Why that

The car lost its balance, it was not known. In the deep ditch below

The fall was shattered. Kisher was then this year


A lot is available at the Pasha Salvage Yard, but not everything

In the old days. Broken train bogies, starting from Alpin

What, there are also pieces of the ship's hull. Bought at auction

Rashed Pasha. Mostly discarded things, but occasionally

Good things come out too. They sell at a very good price

Is. And repairing a lot of things

Goes. Money also comes from Ogula. All in all good

Profit. But a lot of hard work.

Absolutely lavish place for teenagers. Find out

Lots of play stuff in the fall.

Moved closer to the yard. Robin. Eye-catching.

All the colorful pictures painted on the colorful tin fence. Local

Painted by artists.

The front of the fence is painted with plants, flowers and lakes.

Swans are swimming in the water of the lake. Next to the hill

On the other side. Sea. Ships, boats sailing in the sea. How?

A smirk in the pictures, Varikki is nothing.

The huge front door of Lahore. Which was destroyed by fire

Palace. Pallajora has been bought from there. Color

It has become almost new again. Shava in the yard is growing


Didn't go to the door. Robin. He passed by. The fence

A few yards went by. Here on the fence

Aka Blue Sea. A ship with two mast

Caught in the storm. A big fish is looking up.

Namal Robin from the bicycle. He grabbed the handle and pushed it away

Near the fence. He reached out and pressed the fish's eyes.

Silently, the two clinging to the fence rose like dolls

Green Baird. A green of a few hidden entrances

Gate one.

He entered the yard with his bicycle. Robin. Down again

Dil. Bairds. Ghatang-ghat ghatang-ghat sound is coming to the ears.

He smiled as he looked at the outdoor workshop in the corner.

Robin. The broken machine has been repaired and work has started


Tin rice over the head. Six feet wide. One end of the tin

Stuck at the top of the fence, at the other end of the pole.

On the inside, the fence is drawn almost to the head of the house

There is this rice. Good and expensive things are under this roof

Rashed Pasha kept. A little space on one side

Kisha has removed and set up his workshop.

Back up once to put the bike up on the stand

Asked Robin. The sight was obstructed by a pile of old things.

The barrier between the yard's main office and Kishore's workshop

Has become. That pile. Just the top of the colorful tile of the office

Eyes fall from here. Surrounded by Mericachi glass. The chamber

Not seen.

Buying old things is almost always out there

Rashedchacha lives in the yard and office

On Marychachi.

Entered the workshop. Robin. Near the sixth printing machine

Standing is a tall, strong one. Kuchkuche kalae

Skin color Curly black hair on the head. American

Muslim, Musa Aman.

Moses is very busy. Sweating and bargaining. A bunch of white cards fall

There is a small tool on the side. Pick up one card at a time

Pressing on the machine, taking it out again as soon as it is printed

Quick hand.

Robin stared at the side. Sitting in an old swivel chair

There is Kisha's dice. The head is lighter than the thin body

Large. Curly hair. Two beautiful ones with wide foreheads

A twinkle in the eye. Old finger and index finger

With the help of pinching the lower lip. There is a storm of thoughts.

In his head, Robin realized.

What are you printing? Robin walked over to the machine.

Moses said as he came back.

Kisha came back from the world of thoughts. Looking at Robin

Said, got the message?

I got it, Robin replied.

Good, Varikki said to Rice. Musa, show me a card


Musa turned off the machine. He picked up a card and held it up.

Towards Robin. Take it.

A large visiting card. Written in English

Three Gayenda


Chief: Kisha's dice

Assistant: Musa Aman

Document researcher: Robin Milford

Wow, that's beautiful. Robin complimented. Let's move on

What if?

Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings

Kisha's. School holidays. Become a car for thirty days

Gone. It will be very useful, he paused a little. Directly to Robin

Looked at We are now three Gayenda. In charge of the agency

I'm staying. I Do you have any objections?

Robin shook his head. Detection work is better than me

You too.

Good. Musa also has no objection to be an assistant, said Kisha.

Your time is bad now. Broken leg. In the works of Daurabip

Can't do much. Do something while sitting. For now

Taema was responsible for reading and keeping records.

I agree, said Robin. And happily. In the library

I will be able to finish my studies in the space of work.

It is not difficult to keep a record.


Good, Kisha shakes her head. Don't think, very light work

Got it. The rules of investigation have changed a lot

Nowadays. There is not much study and research in this work now

Need .. What happened, why are you looking at the card like that?

Why three question marks?

A subtle smile played on Kisher's face.

Once he asked Musa.

You are right, Kisha, respect for a friend in the eyes of Musa. That's right

You guessed it!

What? Robin wanted to know.

You tell me, Musa said to Kisher. I can't say for sure.


There are many reasons to put the symbols on the card, to explain

Kishal. One: The constant mark of mystery is that questionable. We

Gave on the card, because, interested in solving any mystery

We. From burglary to robbery, robbery, murder,

Not even in the investigation of ghost mysteries. Two: Signs

Our trademark. Three in the team, so three marks, paused


Robin waited.

Three, Kisha started again. Curiosity in Lake's mind

That sign will wake up. You have to ask why it has been settled. Talk

Then I will have the opportunity to speak. It will remember us

Them. The name will spread a lot, he asked Robin.

There are more reasons, you will gradually find out later.

And the curiosity to know what the reason is is very, but to say

Did not press. Robin. Knows the nature of a friend. Not by itself

If you say so, you will not be able to face it even with a thousand pressures


The machine is fine, the card is out of print, I got the car, he said

Robin. This time when I get a job, I fall down

I could.

We got a job, Musa said.

Didn't get it yet, Kisha corrected it. Hope to get.

He sat up straight. But there is a slight disadvantage.

What's the case? What is inconvenience? Robin was intrigued

In the throat.

Mr. Davis Christopher looking for a haunted house,

There really must be ghosts. Will shoot a photo of him.

There, said Musa. Dad heard from the studio.

He has a special responsibility in a studio in Hollywood

Musa's father Mr. Rafat Aman is still in office.

The haunted house frowned. Robin. That too is true again

How is it possible to really have ghosts?

Whether there are ghosts or not is the next thing. Such a house

We will start the investigation as soon as we find out, he replied

Kisha's. There is no point in having a ghost, there is no harm in not having one.

It will be known as soon as we start researching. Name

Three singers will spread.

What is the problem with ghosts?


But? Mr. Christopher is willing to give us work

Not happening.

He must be. We will be forced to take service, how

Mysterious Chanel Kisher's throat. The journey of the three singers began

It will be about the work of Mr. Davis Christopher.

Sure, sure, a sneer appeared on Robin's throat. By March.

I will go inside and read about a world famous film director

He will work in the office and as soon as we show up.

That's all


It doesn't seem too difficult. To me, said Kisha.

I have already called Mr. Christopher. I

For appointments.

Yalla! Musa frowned like Robin. He met

Do. With us?

No, Kisha said in a simple voice. He did not give the line


He will not give it to him, said Musa.

Not only that, he threatened to go near his office

He will arrange for us to be sent to jail.

Kisha's. Who knows the girl? Kerry Wilder.

Muruki Kerry. Musa and Robin said together.

Kisha shook her head. Students a few grades above them

Kerry Wilder. Good at studying. Good girl has a reputation

Says. The school takes classes for lower grade students from time to time

Sometimes. Muru Coriana can't handle Falana's lava.

As a result, the name has become. Muru Kabi Keri.

This time he took the job of secretary. Murujhabi

Robin looks worried. Meeting with Mr. Christopher

Give up hope of doing. Muru Kabir's office than Perana

It is very easy to cross the Pacific Ocean.

This is the main problem, said Kisha. But to get to that work

Going, obstacles and dangers will come step by step. Osber

If you can't do Macabila, you shouldn't go down. Tomorrow

I will leave for Hollywood in the morning at Rolls Royce. See

Must do with Mr. Christopher.

If Murubbi informs the police? Said Robin. About me

Of course not. I can't go with them tomorrow. I

There is work in the library.

Then I will go to Musa. Tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning. Before that

I will call the company to send the car. Yes, you do

Kisha picked up a card saying, Robin. Upside down

He wrote a name and raised it. Keep it. One of these names

There are castles. In old magazines or newspapers, of course

Will be mentioned. Gather as much information as you can about it


Terror Castle! Robin whispered. Growing up

Gone are the eyes.

I was shocked to hear the name! If you are so scared, you will sing

What does it do?

No, don't worry ...

All right, Kisha said with a sigh. Keep with some cards.

All three have to be kept from now on. These are ours

Identity card. I will start working fully from tomorrow

We. I will fulfill the responsibility of everyone ...

Thanks for reading

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2 years ago
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This is long story i not but i feel this story writeng is verry... Your written is verry good.. Carry on brother

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It's lovely .it's really good keep it up ☺️

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2 years ago

All right, Kisha said with a sigh. Keep with some cards. All three have to be kept from now on. These are ours Identity card. I will start working fully from tomorrow . We will fulfill the responsibility of everyone ...

Wow this nice information Thanks dear.........

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I always like detective story. It becomes always mysterious. This article also mysterious.

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Mother and son have a lot in common. Hair color is also one.

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I love reading detective and mystery stories. A very nice post.

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