Money is happiness!

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I heard this from alot of people that money can't buy happiness but!

Money can buy happiness.

Look around yourself! Everything you see needs money. Without money we can't do anything. Ask from those who don't have enough. They know the value of money.

Let us take an example: you go to a clothing brand and you like to wear beautiful clothes but the very first thing you do is to see the price tag.

This is the difference, I am not saying that money is everything but in todays world everything have a cost. Yes! This is true my dear...... You need money to have good food, shelter, clothing, facilities..... All of these things can be obtained by money only. If you don't have money. You don't have anything. Alot of people will object this but just think for a while you and your family without a single have your family i.e love, feelings, emotions but any of these things can buy you food? Shelter?

No!!!!! Only money can do this.....

I'm a bachelor student. My father pay my semester, hostel, mess and all other expenses. Just think if my father doesn't have money for all this. How these will be fullfilled??

Still I'm in search of online jobs and content writing and other stuff to get more money because life is only once and all of us want to grab our dreams....

I pray all the people there without money and working hard for money get enough money to complete their dreams.


This content is just my opinion and my thoughts and I do not have intentions to hurt someone. All the images are taken from the google.

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I feel it's about knowing the value of money. Most people don't understand the value of money and reduce money to make up for the things they lack. Money is a tool for happiness and happiness is in little things.

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11 months ago

Exactly! You are right Sir. Indeed money is the basic tool for happiness

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11 months ago

Absolutely ❣️

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11 months ago

I have never agreed with people who have that mentality either. Although it cannot buy "happiness" directly. Having more of it can contribute to a better way of life, and open up myriad opportunities we would not have without it.

We can take vacations when we want. We can have better choice in where we work and what we work for. We can rely less on credit which costs a crap ton of money. We can have the opportunity to save and invest and as a result earn more money on money we already made. We can have more flexibility in all things money related. We can eat out more often if we want to. We can stock up better on groceries and take advantage of sale prices more often.

Beyond that, we don't have to worry as much if a furnace goes kaput or the brakes fail on the car because we have money in the bank to fix these problems. We can worry less if our boss decides he no longer needs our services because we have money to cover the lost paycheck.

People can say all they want that money is not important—but the truth is, they are lying through their teeth and only saying it BECAUSE they have no money and are trying to justify it somehow.

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11 months ago

First of all thankyou for reading my article and secondly for writing such beautiful comment. I strongly agree with you & delighted to see the last paragraph. Actually this is the truth, we all should know and better to understand.

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11 months ago