Mobile is controlling you

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Few hours ago, due of shutdown of electricity in the hostel wifi was not working. After three hours of loadshedding, electricity issue was resolved but still wifi was not working. As all the girls in the hostel were relying on hostel wifi and only few have mobile packages; due to this most of the girls were out of there rooms. Usually, girls came out a little from their rooms due to the availability of internet connection 24/7. But in some uncertain situations like this, girls can be seen in the lawn, ground, corridor, backyard.

So, actually the thing is..... that we are losing our abilities due the extra ordinary use of mobile, social media. Like before this social media and all stuff were not this much introduced to this world, the same students were so vital and active because they were actively involved in mental and physical activities. This made them mental and physically strong. I am not saying that use of mobile and social media is bad but the point is how we are using it.

Mobile phone is a great invention that was invented for human's use. It is not bad but depend on the way we are using it. We should have a control on the use of mobile but the truth is mobile is controlling us. Our day starts and ends up with mobile. We wake up, the first thing we do is to check our mobile's notification.

Similarly, the applications ; top class applications are designed the way that the users get addicted to them. Once we start scrolling, it continues to 15 or even 30 minutes or more. It happens with majority. It wastes time, energy. But we enjoy this.

Successful people are those who understands the actual use of mobile phone and controll the use of their phones. To be successful, limit the use of phones. Only use it while it is necessary. Don't over use it. Do healthy physical activities like exercise, yoga. Read books & listen audio books. Go for coffee with friends. Don't limit your life to social media.

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