How can a parent be so cruel?

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3 years ago

Today I'm going to tell you about such an incident, After hearing it I myself was amazed and got upset till few days that such people are also present in this world.?

This is an incident of those days when I was going to become a mother for the first time. That days were the most beautiful days of my life. When every time I love to think about my coming baby. At that time I mostly used to pray that "may Allah make my children pious". I don't know that I would birth a boy or a girl because Allah, It's only dependent on you that you will give me a boy or a girl. I want to give birth to a baby boy. But if it would be a girl then it is also your blessing. Because at our family it was the first baby. That baby was still in my womb at that time.

That is why all of us were fully excited. At every moment I was getting different advice. And I was also taking my special care. One day went to the home of my Anty with my mother because at that colony there lived an experience,


a female health worker who used to give a good body massage. Especially the pregnant women used to come here for body massage because they need special care while taking the body massage. When she comes to me and I got a body massage from her.

I was shocked when I heard

So I saw that there was a small child with her, I thought it must be her grandson (from her son) or grandson (from her daughter). Why she looked very big at that age. I asked her, is this your grandson (from your son) or your grandson (from your daughter)?

I felt that she ignore that matter and she did other things and gossips. Then in a short circle, I said the same thing again. Anty The child you have, is this your grandson (from your son) or your grandson (from your daughter)? You might not have listened to me for the first time.

Then they start saying, you consider it my son. I said this does not mean your son. You have adopted it. She said, this is not my real son, but you think of me. I said ohh ok, then it means that your relative will.

They say no, it doesn't belong to any relative.

This is a sad story of mine. She said while breathing. But leave it at that, your health seems to be deteriorating anyway. Whether you want to relax. I walk home I have a lot to do at home. But the only thing that surprised me was that now I would be anxious to hear.

It is also my habit that if someone tells me half of the matter and does not want to tell me, then my anger has come, And the restlessness in the anger increases. What's the matter He or she wants to hide with me?

I hurried and stopped her. I sat them down and said what's the matter. You have confused me. I thought that this child would be your grandson (from your son) or your grandson (from your daughter)or your newborn so I had a new ask. But when you told me that this is not your own son, you were terrified. If you have any problem then tell me, please. Do not hide the reality from me, if for some reason, there is a problem at your face, then there is definitely such a thing.

Then she said you are doing so much mystery so I have to tell. But I have told this secret to very few people because it is a painful matter for me. She was very depressed when she began to tell.

"She sat down telling me about the story of the child. She told me that one day it was going to be the morning that suddenly our door was knocked out loud.

I and the rest of the family got scared, many must have come at this time? I asked who? The voice came please open the door. When I opened the door, there was an unknown person standing. I said what is the matter? who are you? And why have you come here? he started saying, we are new here. And we need help.

What can I help you? He said, I have come to know, many people tell me that you work as a midwife. I am in dire need of you at the moment, that his wife is in severe pain and she is about to become a mother.

Hearing this, I could not control myself and I come to accompany him without any pretense. That was my job and I was very serious about my work. Anyway, that was the question of someone's life, and I was worried about not one but two lives. I didn't think of anything else and I went with him.

After going there, I really saw a woman who was in pain. I hurried and started preparing for the birth of her baby. My work was over after a while. And they got a boy to be born. I happily congratulated both of them. Then when I started going to my house from there, that person asked me to stop. He started saying that I cannot take care of my wife at home, so I have to go to this hospital. And you will also tell this thing in the hospital, you have give delivery of this.

So you have to go with us. At first, I thought something or whether I should go or not?

Then empathy fills in my heart and I thought, that these people have come here new. No one will be aware of them. So I should help them. I departed to the hospital with them.

Going a little further, he suddenly stopped his vehicle. And started saying that maybe the car is stopped, please take the baby and get down to the car.

As soon as I took the child and came down, he drove his car quickly

I was so surprised that what would happen? I could not even imagine that those people could do this to me. I looked there and there in the moment of trouble. But nobody came there. I did not understand where to go with this child?

I stood there for a long time and various questions kept running through my mind. I took this child in my arms and returned to my home. When I went to the house of these people and found out, the Landlord said that they had taken the house in an emergency only for one day." I had a lot of pity for this child": what was the fault of that little life? My husband told me to go to the police, but I forb him.

I had intended that now I will save this innocent life. when his parents did not accept him, then who else would care about this little life?

When she told me that story I couldn't stop tears and this question always circulate in my mind that do such parents can be present in this world??

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3 years ago


It's really bad thing that happen. I never imagine such a thing can happen. Just speechless.

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3 years ago

I am very sorry to say that this has really happened. And I don't know where and where it is happening. If people don't want to create, okay they cant. but don't try to waste the smalls and innocents lives like that. it's cant bearable

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3 years ago

I just can't imagine how cruel that parent are

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3 years ago

Sure I also can not believe that any parent can be such cruel for their children . Even parent are the only personality who love their children more than any one else after Allah.

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3 years ago

I don't believe that a very compassionate father and a loving mother would do the same to their son. When the child has only the affection of the father and the love of the mother above all.

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3 years ago