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Being hungry for someone's love

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7 months ago

There is a love in which human also tolerates hunger

because hunger is something that human does not want to tolerate and it is a natural process

we can only eat and drink and feel happy.

Most of the people who have been seen in love with each other show their love by being hungry. They want to tell someone that your love is dearer to me than eating and drinking.

But today I want to tell you about the hunger we call fasting

This is the love that is given to one's Creator and is done at His command.

From the beginning of the morning until the beginning of the night, the human shows his love for his Creator only by being hungry for the love of his Creator and by worshiping and remembering Him in this hunger.

Fasting is for Allah and Allah rewards him who fasts for Allah

Allaah has made fasting obligatory on Muslims, just as He has made prayer obligatory, and Muslims perform the obligatory prayers five times a day, just as they fast one month of the year in Ramadaan.

I pray that we can fulfill this duty in a better way

And all those who worship their Creator, remember the Creator

And worship Him in your own way because the Creator must be remembered at all times

This Creator has done us a great favor by creating us

There is no way we can fulfill this grace

But we follow the ways of our Creator and obey His commands

You can maintain your love for the Creator


Remember me in your prayers

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Written by   82
7 months ago
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