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You deserve someone who...

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1 year ago

In this era we all want more and the "more" even dont satisfy us anymore. We all want to be in a relationship, some already have, some expect to have, some just imagine.

If you think he is the one with whom you want to be then take it to the destination. Fight for it together and dont stop

If you are not sure if it will work out or not then you dont need to go too deep nor you should just end it. As non of us have seen the future, you just cant break someone or yourself on the base of your prediction.

If you just love to imagine it then honey let it be however it is, dont get upset for not happening in the reality right now. You may get better than the people you are jealous of.

We just need to start a journey. If i dont know the destination then i will just ride my car and feel the cold wind.

Every realtion should be pure from the inside and the outside.❤

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