The Broken Promises Of Love

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2 years ago

"Broken relationships sometimes doesnt need to fix it back again."

(based on True Story)

Since the Valentines Day is drawing near I wanna share with you guys, my ups and personal in the name of Love.

I was 19 then, when I meet my first love, my first boyfriend and the love of my life. His name is Arman, I can described him as slim medium built body man, tall at the height of 5'9, fair complexion and good looking. and for me his so perfect, I fall in love with him quickly.

Our relationship goes smooth all the way, open to our both families, nobody is against to our love story. Our parents all getting close to each other. I can't remember the moments that we fight over, I am not a jealous type of a woman, and a free thinker as well.

We are living in the same hometown, but in different zone, that is why we are easy for us to see each other whenever we want too.

He loves to play basketball so much, and if ever there is some local tournament, to our place or nearby they went over to play, and he invited me to go with him, when the game is started I just sitdown nearby and watch over, and cheers if their teams got a goal score and if he do the free throws without fails

Our Relationship for me its seems so perfect,! I can't remember how often we fought over things, We never!

Arman is a quite type guy, whenever we are together, I am the first one start the conversation, but inspite of his nature, he is thoughtful, caring. He always remembering Valentines our monthsaries and anniversary.

What I liked him most is...he is proud of me to his peers and closed friends, I can sense his happiness when I am with him.We, are steady for almost 5 years.

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly.

I am planning to work overseas, without telling my boyfriend that year 1997, after granting my visas, and pass the final medicals, I talked to him, he was shocked and I can see that his eyes are lonely.

It hurts me seeing the man that I loved in that expression, but for me this is for my own good for my better future and for us heart so heavy and the tears started to let go. The moment of silence occupied the space between us, he cried and I hug him.

After two weeks, I am going to Manila for my flight to Singapore, he give me a rides with his motorbike bring me to the town to take a bus and headed to the local airport of Bacolod Silay Airport. we waved goodbye for the first time.

I wanted to burst out but I have to be strong, I am going away with my lagguages of dreams and plans, my feeling are in mixed emotions when the plane is already taxing to take off.

I am in NAIA (Ninoy Aquino INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in about 45 minutes, I have a connecting flights in a couple of an hours, and I still cant believed I am really leaving until the plane heading for Singapore I fall asleep the entire flight.

I been working in Singapore for almost one year and and eight months, everything so well, we have a good communication, I am sending letter and postcard to him and everything is still as it was before.

Three months before my contract end I am about to going back for my home leave, but one day I called him but his not at home, his mum answer the call and confessed something to me, I am so shock at the other line.. I cant believed that he get into trouble, the girl was pregnant and my boyfriend will travel to manila to save our relationship thats the final words.

I dont, know how say or react at that moment I hang up the call and fell on my knees! Whats happening! Why me! All I can say.

After a few days my boyfriend sent sms to me saying 'babe I am sorry please forgive me,' I didnt text him back but instead i called him, I wanted to scream at him but I hold my temper, I asked him why did you do this to me? where did I go wrong tell me! he didnt answer me but I can hear his deep sighed at the other line. He said please give me one more chance.

I know I loved him, but I am to selfish If wont given him up, my coinscience wont be at ease seeing that baby without a father. So I said to him I so sorry I cant fix it back again, they need you more than I. he cried and pleading but I already cut off the line.and thats the end if everything from us.

I feel so empty really empty...

And at the time I get back to my feet starting a new but the only thing I learned is not so easy to move on if you really love someone else. It takes time to heal those broken promises of love. But such a nice feeling that you are not being selfish just because you loved.

Thank You For Reading My Article!

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2 years ago


A broken love ❤️ promise always end up when there's no trust between the two partners

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2 years ago

I'm sorry for this hurt feelings. I am also experiencing this kind of pain these days fresh wounds i have on my heart when she left me. 💔

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2 years ago