Pandemic or Just a Plandemic

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2 years ago

Pandemic is an era, where people, the community, the country lives in a chaos society, where in people avid the rules, the protocols, the measures and the least wearing of facemask at all times.

Its almost two, and a half years went by and on, people, are pretty well, to cope up, their situation, living in a pandemic lifestyle, where in thier facemask is pattern with their outfits.

People manage their stress by staying at home, pick up some sumptious menu to cook with the family, as simply as Homestay-cation.

As we are keen enough, if we compare our times about two years ago, we are slowly moving up, with some loose restrictions, people can dine in with a specific numbers of person to be get together.

Virusis end and fade out, new ones os developing, but what is it stand to the worldz where in almost ten of every twenty persons was already fully vaccinated.

Travel restrictions is also easing a bit, so people can slowly plan their travel iterinary using a Vaccinated Travel Lanes or VTL with no quarantine required.

Does it gives us new opportunity to open our window of hope and a positive perceptions, that sooner the viruses is just a plain typical flu, that happens in the midst of winter season.

State your thoughts.

Keep Safe!

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