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What is your glory and purpose?

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7 months ago

Every individual is created for a purpose in life.

If the purpose of a thing is known abuse is inevitable. It very important that we know our reason and purpose in life

If you know your glory life will be meaningful and a better place.

All things created by God have there glory and purpose for which they are all created

The rainbow

The rainbow is ever so beautiful ever so real ,ever there forever fulfilling destiny put there in the sky buy God for a purpose and it always up there for its purpose. And the glory of the rainbow is it's beauty having many colors so attractive and beautiful. Putting smiling on faces.

The blue sky

The blue sky so cool and beautiful giving blue reflection on the water bodies and making them more attractive and even comfortable for aquatic organisms that live in the rivers .

the glory of the sky show on the environment giving a bright view and life to the in habitat of the earth .that is how it is been design by God .

The glory of the fish

Fishes are well known cold blooded aquatic organisms that live in

Inside the water is where the fishes live and perform their life cycles and there daily activities they feed ,breath,move respire and carry out all living thing characteristics

The fishes swim and live in water freely without stress inside water

Swimming and living inside the water is the glory of the

When a fish is removed from the habitat which is water it will die moment later because it cannot survive outside it normal habitat

So therefore fish can only do well in water because that where its destiny and purpose is and that is where it can show it glory

In fact living in water is what make a fish called a fish.

The Birds

The glory of the birds is flying

Birds have a specialize feather that allow them to fly even from a very high mountain.

If a bird is captured and caged or it feathers is been removed it cannot be able to fly again

And this will definitely affect the bird in many way because it is been taking from it comfort zone to a new environment

The bird might Never adapt to the new environment it might even die.

Every living creature is created with a glory that unique thing you can do like no other person is your glory.

The flowers

The flowers are created to give joy and happiness to people that views them so beautiful and attractive to the eyes

Many people love flowers naturally because of it beauty and charming color and the sweet smell of it fragrance calm nerves and shows true beauty of nature. This is the purpose why flowers are created to be admired and to give happiness to the view with the use of its beauty.

The glory of human

We are all created in God's image and likeness

And we are expected to live according inline with purpose and glory of God for our our life

The glory of human been is to live according to will of God

Live life in accordance with the plan of God .some are living because there is still breath in them not know that there is more to living that just breathing air from the nostril. Living life to please our creator should be our watchword.

Living for the glory of God in view will give us our everlasting glory

Living a life with out purpose is like a traveler without destination and living life without glory is like a farmer without tools . let live a meaningful life by seeking to please our creator always by so doing we will be glorified.

Image source: Pinterest .

Thanks for reading this article I hope give inspiration and insight .

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Written by   6
7 months ago
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