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My testimony

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8 months ago
Topics: Life story

I grow up with my elder sister ,who took me from our mum at age 9 to live with her and her husband in my state ,that was where I complete my primary school education and was giving admission to secondary school.

My elder sister love me so much as her own child,she provide all my need and don't use to allow me lack any thing at all,even among my mate I don't feel inferior because I already have all I needed,she called my her first child my angel she will always call me anytime she want to talk to me,that name my angel make me feel so happy any time I hear her call uncontrollably smile will spread on my face and super natural Joy will overwhelm my spirit soul and bodyπŸ˜€

Growing up with her taught me many thing like cooking ,doing house hold chores and bathing kids at that tender age of mine I can bath a day old baby πŸ‘Ά,a times I used to feel she is suffering and maltreating me later I now discovered that it a necessary training that I must undergo at the earliest opportunity I then accepted it and started serving and helping her with the whole of my heart.

My senior sister is the most understanding and sweetest person I ever known .so loving to her children dedicated to the thing of God and people around her everyone love her a lot.

At this time she had already given birth to her four children.

after finishing my secondary school 2013, I waited for my west African examination council result to come (WAEC) it turn out bad i cried and cried and cried😭😭😭😭

The taught of me writing another exams and the extra year been added make me feel bad when ever I remember it,tears can't stop flowing my hope of studying microbiology in the university was dashed that makes me cry all the time.

My dream was to study microbiology biology when I get to the university that's my passion, am a science student I love all science subjects and I do very well in all aside mathematics that I score low mark most a times. After then I was not able to write another exam again due to the situation of my senior sister the husband lost his job and my sister was not paid salary in her work place

That was when our hard time began. No money no food even to pay house rent it a problem to the point that the land lord gave us quite notice for vacate his house.

We relocate to one room apartment and start to manage life that when my sister will make soup and I will be Hawking for us to sew food to eat at least. People be asking me why I am not going to school and all sorts of questions .I will just tell them am waiting for the right time .

At this point I was loosing hope I started teaching a primary school were I was able to save some money for my jamb and my sister was able to support mSupported for another WAEC while I registered an awaiting jamb I was praying and hoping that afflictions shall not rise the second time God so kind I wrote the both exams and score 244 in my jamb and credited all my subject.

When admission list came out I was admitted to study microbiology as I always dreamt to study even when no hope of money I was happy been admitted into the university. God was so kind yo me I was able to get my school fee and some money needed to start . I don't know it happened but God raised helpers from all angle for me

All through my university I never lack anything, I graduated with a very good grade 4.15 and I never failed any course a now I am a microbiologist that I always dreamt of all by his grace

And finally I have been currently mobilized for NYSC

This is my testimony with God all things are possible .what I can not do for my self God did it for me

My joy overflowπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Hello reader never give up in life because Gid is not through with you ,no matter what hold unto God.

Thanks for reading


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Written by Β Β 6
8 months ago
Topics: Life story
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