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History and Tradition of Ogugu

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Ogugu is a community of Igala-speaking people in the Olamaboro Local Government Area of the Kogi State in north central region Nigeria. It shares boundary with the likes of Benue State and Enugu State in the eastern part of Kogi State. Ogugu has an estimated land Marks of about 70km2 with a population of over one hundred and ten (110,000) people (estimate).Ogugu community consist of the following lineage;

Okwatobida (Okwa) lineage, Odu-Ogidiga (Emodu) lineage, Ayegba Oma-ofo (Ofante) lineage.

Ogugu is one of the ancient Igala towns. The founding father of OGUGU is OKWA and his sister Omoka whom are 🤴 prince and princess respectfully, they migrated from IDAH as son and daughter of late Attah; AYEGBA OMA IDOKO they came to the forest full of 🦉 Owl (UNYI OGUGU) and settled there, they had 2 sons and one daughter, the first son Onoja, second son, Obekpa and third a daughter Ogbulugbu whom got married to Ikarakwu (ikelekwu family in Ogugu today) our founding father Okwa married a second wife Onoji whose children bears her name in Ogugu today (Ema Onoji).

The first son Onoja has nine children: Abatano, Enenche Achakpa, Echebiogo-Anya, Ajuwa-Egwa, Ema Ogbe, Ema Abutu, Ema Oya, Ema Oduka, and Ema Ogbo. while the second son Obekpa has five children: Ema Oriko, Ema Agaba, Ema onyi-okwu, Ema Omoka, and Ogene. this families have their ancestorial land in Unyi ogugu till date.

Odu the first settler of Unyi-Ogugu land, migrated from Idah in the late sixteenth(16th) century and came to the eastern boarder land , where he found the tick forest with full of owls, and called the place Unyi-Ogugu meaning home of owls, and he settled in the forest with his family. In the forest of owls (Unyi-Ogugu) Odu found a big tree called (Odagidi) and made his hut under the big tree. The place is presently called Unyi-Emodu Ofadagidi, and the tree is still standing alive till today.The religion f ogugu people was a paganism before the coming of Christianity and other religions in the 20th century, while many have embrace and converted to the new religious. Religion in ogugu today stand at 90% Christian, 6% pagans, 4% Muslim

Ogugu people have a culture that has been misunderstood by other Igalas. It is called Ibegwu, literally meaning ancestors. It is believed that ancestors watch over their progeny to stop them from doing mischief. For instance, an Ogugu man can not be a party to premeditated murder. He would be 'arrested' by Ibegwu.

Ogugu community is a very peaceful and loving .

And the descendants try there possible best to avoid what is evil

Thanks for reading😊😊


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Written by   6
7 months ago
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