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12 Ways To Know That Drug is Abused

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9 months ago

1:It is drug abuse to use drugs without the Doctor's prescription.

2: Using drugs above or below the doctor's prescription is also drug abuse.

3:Self_prescription or prescription of drugs by persons other than medical personnel.

4:Using of prescribed drugs outside the time outside the time or length of period for usage.

5:Drug is said to be abused when it expires before usuage.

6:Drug is abuse when it is wrongly combine d for usage.

7:Overdose and under dose drugs also amount to drugs.

8:Use of drugs without dose_like our local concortion.

9:It is drug abuse to use drugs below or above the number of days directed by the doctors.

10:Use of drugs that have been exposed for too long.

11:It is a serious drug abuse to practice combination.This practice entails asking unqualified drug peddlers or those selling medicine in an un_approved places to sell combination of several medicine for rapid cure as sickness especially malaria related symptoms.

12 It is drug abuse to buy drug from unqualified medicine sellers.

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Written by   6
9 months ago
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