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There is a Balsamic Moon Phase Today. Is Your Energy OK?

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8 months ago
Topics: Astrology

There is a Balsamic Moon Phase Today

Our energy decreases when you are in the balsamic phase of the moon. Especially the Moon-influenced Cancer, the Moon position, and the positions and angles in which Cancer is active can affect our energy level.

If your energy is low today and you can't find a reason in real life, that will be the reason.

What Should Be Considered Today?

Since the energy is low in balsamic moon phases, no new business is started. New ideas are not implemented.

It is a period in which thoughts, values ​​and energies that have no effect anymore are abandoned.

What Should We Do?

Sit, lie on your back, meditate or worship according to your own religion, do breathing exercises. If you have no faith, use your own methods.

Increase the amount of oxygen entering your body. Get energy from sea, forest and green areas where energy is high with the imagination method.

Smile. Communicate with your cheerful, smiling and energetic friends. Chat with someone. Kiss the forehead of the people you love.

Evaluate the past and consider whether your experiences have taught you enough.

Eliminate the things that benefit you from your life. Really do this. Anything that does not benefit either harms or drains your energy.

- Tidy up your messy room.

- Make a to-do list.

- Make a drop list and start practicing.

- Do you have addictions you want to get rid of? Here is a great day to leave them.

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Written by   1
8 months ago
Topics: Astrology
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