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Efficiency in Journalism Writing

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It is the role of the journalists, writers, and reporters to ensure the text or article is fair and accurate. Before the draft is handed to an editor for publication, the writer must make sure that everything that has been stated and included in the text is a product of accuracy and that everything has been explained concretely – it must be free from bias and must be verified information.

The writer is also responsible for editing his or her draft before submitting it to the editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders. Here are some tips for accurate reporting and editing:

·       Have an Address Book and Notes – Make sure the list of sources and their contact information, as well as notes from the interviews, are close at hand. There may be facts that will need to be double-checked upon editing.

·       Examine each fact – The writer must ask himself/herself on potential missing information that might be essential and if all assertions are grounded in facts. Each fact, name, figure, and quote in the story must be marked before they are verified – statistics and all other data must also be verified.

·       Evaluate Sources and Decide if More Interviews is Necessary – The reporter must point out the concluding sources that others might point out or criticize. Reporters need to make sure they talk with many people, including those they don’t like or who don’t like them – no personal or biased affairs. Those who are controversial or suspicious should also be included.

·       Protect Sources and Check Copyrights – The reporter must make certain that a source he or she has promised not to identify will not appear in published documents or in photos or video. He or she must also examine graphics and copyrights, including logos, and statistics revealed in charts or graphs.

·       Reread Until Everything is Ensured The writer/reporter must check his or her own work and if necessary, must reread the draft until all has been identified and ready for submission to the editors. Although the role of the editors is to edit the draft, the writer/reporter must ensure the text is complete and devoid of errors.

Efficient writing is clear and concise, therefore, an article that is direct to the point and free from redundancy is informative and well-constructed. Writers should use simple words and must avoid complicating the pieces of information presented in the article.

Every word that is used should tell and be part of the news story but it should be devoid of unnecessary wording that only aims to lengthen the text. These redundant and unnecessary words are called “verbal deadwood” – they are meaningless and bring no significance. In order to refrain from omitting verbal deadwood, here are some words that must be avoided (bold) and words that should be used instead (italics): (Note: these are all accessible on the internet)

·       for the reason that                      -           because

·       at the present time                      -           now

·       tendered his resignation              -           resigned

·       affixed his signature                   -           signed

·       told his listeners                         -           said

·       united in Holy matrimony          -           married

·       used for fuel purposes               -           fueled

·       held a conference                      -           met

·       in the immediate vicinity           -           near

·       was able to make his escape      -           escaped

·       a majority of                                -           most

·       a sufficient amount of                  -           enough

·       according to our data                  -           we find

·       accordingly                                   -           therefore, so

·       along the lines of                          -           like

·       as is the case                                -           as is true

·       ascertain the location of              -           find

·       at such time as                             -           when

·       at the present time                      -           now

·       at this point in time                      -           now

·       be deficient in                              -           lack

·       be in a position to                         -           can, be able

·       by a factor of two                        -           two times, double, twice

·       come to a conclusion                    -           conclude

·       despite the fact that                    -           although

·       due to the fact that                      -           because

·       during the time that                     -           while

·       equally as well                              -           as well, equally well

·       for the reason that                       -           because

·       for this reason                              -           thus, therefore

·       give consideration to                   -           consider, examine

·       give an indication of             -           show, indicate, suggest

·       happen(s) to be                            -           am/is/are

·       has been proved to be                 -           is

·       if conditions are such that           -           if

·       in a number of                              -          several, many

·       in all cases                                    -           always

·       in case                                           -           if

·       in close proximity to                    -           near

·       in excess of                                   -           more than

·       in large measure                          -           largely

·       in many cases                               -           often

·       in most cases                                -           usually

·       in no case                                      -           never

·       in order that                                 -           so that

·       in order to                        -           to

·       in some cases                               -           sometimes

·       in the amount of                           -           for

·       in the case of                                -           for

·       in the event that                          -           if

·       in the near future                         -           soon

·       in the neighborhood of                 -           near, about, nearly

·       in this case                                    -           here

·       in view of the fact that                -           because, since

·       is capable of                                 -           can

·       is in a position to                          -           can

·       it is interesting to note that        -           note that

·       it is our opinion that                     -           we think

·       it is possible that                          -           perhaps

·       make inquiry regarding               -           ask about, inquire about

·       manner in which                           -           how

·       on the basis of                              -           from, because, by

·       present in greater abundance     -           more abundant

·       prior to                                         -           before

·       reach a conclusion                       -           conclude

·       serves the function of being        -           is

·       subsequent to                               -           after

·       the question as to                         -           whether

·       there can be little doubt that      -           probably

·       the reason is because                  -           because

·       utilize or utilization                     -           use

·       with reference to                                     -           about

·       with the exception that               -           except that

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Written by   5
4 days ago
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It should not also pure copying to avoid Plagiarism I wish i could ne good journalist someday!!

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4 days ago

It is important to acknowledge the idea of others and make use of your own. Everyone is capable of being good. You can be a good journalist when you strive to become one! :D

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4 days ago

Yes thats true to avoid Plagiarism

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3 days ago

I am a frustrated writer and these tips are all true. I am guilt of verbal deadwoods sometimes. I just can't help but do it. Hahaha.

$ 0.00
4 days ago

I agree with you. Maybe it's because of the idea that the fancier the wording, the better (or smarter) it makes us sound when in reality, concise wording is more than enough ahahah

$ 0.00
4 days ago