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Already from the street, it pleasantly surprises with its modern look, clean lines and large glass surfaces that open especially towards the private garden. Attractive and airy spaces, determined by the purpose and interior design, give a special stamp to the home. The interior of the house is connected via a terrace to a spacious lawn, which is accompanied by fruit trees. Walking through the house, we immediately get the impression that living in a harmoniously designed home is always in harmony with the garden, which has a calming, almost meditative effect, so it is not surprising its name: Zen 187. This is an individually adapted almost zero-energy Lumar house from the Avantgarde family. . The interior design was created in close cooperation between architects and designers from the company Lumar and architects from the Studio Tina Rugelj, who took over the design of the interior.

In the entrance hall, locals and visitors are greeted by a bench with a rich pattern and an upholstered wall. The space continues with a long functional wardrobe and takes us to the central space.

Greetings with light

The house is designed for a family that is very attached to the coastal landscape. Even before entering the selected furnished home, we are greeted in the yard by a mighty old olive tree, which was brought from the old olive grove just for a happy life in the new house. The front door, illuminated from early morning, gently illuminates the long entrance hall. Inside is an upholstered bench with a rich pattern that continues on an imaginatively upholstered wall. This one offers storage space for jackets and coats on discreet round hangers. The upholstered bench connects to a cupboard with hidden extra drawers and continues into a long functional wardrobe that takes us past the guest room into a central space comprising a kitchen, dining room and living room. This occupies the entire width of the ground floor and spills outwards, on to the terrace and to the garden with orchard. In the middle of the room is a long and wide kitchen island made of quality artificial stone, which allows comfortable cooking and at the same time relaxed contact with visitors in the living room. In a high row behind the island hides a service part of the kitchen, which, when not used by the locals, hides behind a sliding door. Tall cabinets also hide the transition to a small but functional dry food pantry. A special feature of the kitchen are the vertical ribs of the kitchen island, which together with the curtains create an even rhythm, a play of light and shadows, and in a soft and sophisticated way bring dynamism to the otherwise restrained white-gray color palette.

In the middle of the central space is a kitchen island, which allows comfortable cooking and relaxed contact with visitors in the dining room and living room.

The bathroom is sophisticated and simple. In it, the story of the wood that accompanies us throughout the house continues.

Staircase with character

The most beautiful and unique accent in the space is certainly the masterfully designed staircase, which is otherwise separated from the space by a glass wall. The powerful element of the transition from floor to floor was created as a result of the collaboration of as many as five masters of various profiles: architect, carpenter, glazier, parquet maker and painter. Self-supporting stairs are made of solid wood. Through three floors they connect different rooms: a living room and a small home wellness in the basement, an open living area on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first floor. In the upper, sleeping floor, the architects from Studio Tina Rugelj were looking for a stylish and practical solution for a long hallway that connects the cabinet, children's room, bedroom and bathroom next to the staircase. The solution was offered in the form of solid wood slats, which serve as a stair railing and at the same time a varied exhibition corner for plants and small items; with a larger chest of drawers leaning against the slats, the family was offered additional storage space.

There are thin massive self-supporting stairs in the house, in the design of which as many as five masters of various profiles participated: an architect, a carpenter, a glazier, a parquet maker and a painter.

The central living-kitchen space occupies the entire width of the ground floor.

Sleeping in the highlands, wine shop in the lowlands

From the bedrooms - each has its own terrace - we can look again at the ancient coastal landscape. The latter also stirs the imagination of a young dinosaur lover, so special attention was paid to the design of the children's room. In the basement, on the other hand, we find a place to enjoy: home sauna, small kitchen with wine shop, table for a large number of guests, a place to relax and play billiards for two bilj House Zen 187 has wooden windows, sauna, heat pump with underfloor heating , ventilation system with air recuperation. Due to its low energy consumption, it is classified as an almost zero-energy house with an annual consumption of less than 15 kWh / m2. When planning, Lumar's architects paid special attention to the comfort of living. Good natural light, connection to the green surroundings and built-in high-quality materials provide users with superior comfort and convenience in the long run.

Special attention was paid to the design of the children's room, in which a young dinosaur lover has his kingdom.

On the upper floor, next to the staircase that connects the cabinet, children's room, bedroom and bathroom, there is a fence made of solid wooden slats, which in combination with a locker offers an exhibition corner for plants and small items.

In the basement we find a place to enjoy: a small kitchen with wine cellar, wellness, even a billiard table.

The house is connected by large wooden windows and a spacious but intimate terrace with a soothing garden and always landscaped lawn.

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