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3 years ago

Hello my dear friends.....I hope you are doing great.I am fine but I am still sad because support did not answer on my emails about spam.I do not know what to do anymore.It is more than 2 months since my comments are in spam and I do not know how long will be more.I am really disappointed.

I presenting you a few sentences I like very much:

1.Life has broken me many times. It showed me THINGS I didn’t want to see. I experienced sadness and felt defeated. DESPITE EVERYTHING, I always got up and moved on.

2.For every beauty, there is someone who will notice it. For every truth there is an ear that will hear it. For every love there is a heart that will accept it.

3.I'm proud of my heart ... It is cheated and broken ... But it still doesn't give up.

4.Some made me cry many times, but I didn’t stop laughing. Some broke my heart into thousands of pieces, but they never managed to break my soul. Many times I lost hope, and yet I did not stop dreaming.

5.To those who laughed at me, thank you…. I wouldn't cry without them…. To those who couldn’t love me, thank you…. Without them, I would not have met true love… To those who hurt my emotions, thank you… Without them I wouldn’t even know I have them… .. To those who left me, thank you… Without them I would not have known myself…. But to those who thought I would not succeed se I thank them the most… because without them I would not even try.

That is all for today.I hope you like them too.

Happy day!Much love and kiss!


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3 years ago