Incredibly nicely served Easter breakfast

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The Easter tradition always takes us into a sense of homeliness and the creation of fond memories. Preparations for Easter traditionally begin with a forty-day fast, for we have to take care of culinary pleasures by preparing the ingredients a day or two earlier. When celebrating, we always make an effort to serve a traditional Easter breakfast as well.I will share with you a recipe and instructions for a nicely served meal that will ease your decorative and creative dilemmas. So this year’s Easter will be no extra worries!

You need:

8 eggs with white shell head of red cabbage 2 tablespoons turmeric teaspoon of salt spoon of vinegar pizza dough wrapper yolk 2 fists motovilca goat smoked cheese curd (or other cheese to taste) a glass of Natureta's silver bulb a glass of Natureta horseradish a glass of Natureta's delicatessen hot peppers spoon of Natureta capers 200 g smoked ham Kras 200 g bacon Kras


First we start with green pirhs with a marble pattern: chop a head of red cabbage in a pot, cover it with water, add vinegar and salt and cook for about 40 minutes. Cool the mixture, but do not strain it, as the cabbage strips will create a marble effect. Add turmeric and mix. Dip freshly boiled eggs into this mixture and wait for the result. For the darkest shades, eggs can also be soaked overnight. Make the dough baskets: cut the pizza dough into circles and connect them over the bulges of the upside-down muffin tin, which is well greased. For larger finished products, we can also use models for souffles or other fireproof cups. Cut strips from the dough, which should not measure more than a centimeter, and weave braids from them, wrap them around the edge of the dough circles and coat everything with egg yolk. Bake them for about 20 minutes in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.

The motovilec can be acidified and seasoned if desired, but it can be left as is. Arrange it in baskets. Enrich the salad with onions, pepperoni, capers, decorate with edible flowers… Serve the delicacies on a round wooden board: place a loaf of smoked cottage cheese in the center, surround it with baskets, sliced bacon and sliced or chopped smoked ham, slices of cheese and season everything with grated horseradish. Tip: Don’t forget mom’s potica and good homemade bread, preferably sweet and milky.


Thank you!

Happy Sunday!


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3 years ago


That looks delicious dear! 😋 Happy Easter! 🐇

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3 years ago

Thank you dear.Same to you and your lovely family!

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