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Treatment of chronic cough and bronchitis is quite problematic, even for classical medicine. The mixture for which we offer you a recipe here contains some of the most effective ingredients that soothe the throat and lungs, while eliminating cough and bronchitis in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to the healing properties of honey and bananas, which are the main ingredients of this drink, it can be enjoyed by both adults and children, as it has a pleasant taste and at the same time is healing.


-400 ml of boiling water -2 ripe, medium-sized bananas -2 teaspoons honey


Peel a banana, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add boiling water to the puree and stir. Let the mixture stand for half an hour. When it cools, add honey to it. It is important to add honey only at the end, to the cooled mixture, so as not to lose its key properties.


Eat 100 ml of the mixture four times a day (a total of 400 ml per day). The amounts listed in the recipe are enough for one day, so the next day prepare a new mixture from the same amounts. You will feel improvement after three days.

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