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Hey If you like free Play to Earn games, walking, skating, cycling or even commuting to and from work check out Coin Hunt World. It is a geolocation game similar to Pokemon Go but you have to collect keys and use them on vaults to solve trivia for BTC, ETH and resources to build your own Cubies (Skins). Resources and Cubies can be sold in the Auction House for more keys.

Collaboration amongst hunters is a central pillar of the Coin Hunt World experience! That's why we want to set players for success by enabling them to join a local community group, or to create one where it doesn't exist yet!

The game is so far released in the USA, Canada and Greater London area. Other cities and countries will be added. Next Region is the Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador and a undisclosed Asian city after. Global release coming soon.

The game has just fully released in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) beside USA and Canada.

It's a Play to Earn game which means it's free to play and you can earn cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But you can just play the game and not worry about all the money you accumulate.

The play style is like Pokemon Go but you solve trivia and can collect resources to make new cubies (Avatars/Skins). The community is very mature and supportive. It's a game that you can play alone or with others.

If you like to walk/bike/skate/drive and want to solve trivia questions try Coin Hunt World.

Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a free-to-play/play-to-earn mobile Geo-location game currently in Beta on iOS and fully released on Android. Players explore their real-world area searching for Blue Keys, which are then used to open Blue Vaults. When a vault is opened the user is prompted with a trivia question. If answered correctly within the given time limit, the user is rewarded. Currently users are rewarded in Bitcoin or Ethereum as well as in game items such as cubies, and resources.

Check out the official Discord Server if you want to participate in the community.

start your journey by using my referral and we both get 2 free mystery packages:

Me and a few other players made a very detailed coin hunt world wiki to explain the game and get other people into the game.

The main page is a good start or the detailed Start Guide at:

tutorial on starting:

how much are you making on average?

Best weeks, $300+ Average weeks, $100-150 Chill weeks, $30-60

Lately I'm walking, rather than biking and it's brought my totals down, but it's worth it- I'm enjoying playing again, rather than competing for top spot.

Some tips to make max money, minimal effort..

get wheels. Just switching from walking to biking easily doubled how many vaults I can open, and in half the time.

be efficient. Take main routes, ideally with vaults and keys in a straight line, then take a different main street to backtrack. Doubling back on an empty route wastes time and energy. Plan a good route and constantly optimize it based in new uservaults etc.

green vaults and yellow vaults. Add a bunch of reliable buddies so you can get a $10 yellow once a week. Learn where the $1 green vaults are and plan a route that causes you to pass a bunch. I was casually passing 5 greens at all time, but when I started trying to get max money I'd hit 20+ a day until I run outta keys.

learn the trivia. If you're getting questions wrong it WILL burn keys and break your heart. Don't know an answer? Screenshot / remember it, and google it or coin hunt wiki it later.

hunter mode. You can, with perfect answers get twice as much as chill mode.

be in a city. Not something people can change, I know, but all my tips for making bank involve a decent vault density. Cities just can't be beat!

Happy hunting!

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