What Happened?

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1 year ago

Hello my dear read cash, once again I'm waving. Am i sorry for not being active here and for not be able to read some of your articles, it's because of my weak internet connection. hoping for your consideration guys.

I feel disappointed on myself right now. I don't know what happened,why i forgot the important bill that i must pay. Right now, i'm angry on myself for being not attentive on other things.

Now the plan was change, i feel broke because the feeling that i am already excited because at last i have a chance to see my parents again for 4 years. but that excitement are gone and it hurts my heart. I feel that someone pierce a needle on my heart.

Things are already set,i already contacted a van for my travel, set a date for my going home, filled a vacation leave, talked to my classmate in highschool for our alumni and packed the things that i needed for my one week vacay. but unfortunately it was all useless. and i blame myself for that.

Because i need to pay triple for my housing loan. I'm very disappointed, i can't believe i forget that important things.grrrr

I need to cool down because if not,i might do a bad things against myself again. or better to disappear in this world.

Note to self: Don't forget those things that really important to you, it may hurt your head again.

God bless everyone.🙏

Date Published: 6-14-2022
Ph time:1:30am
Title:What Happened
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