My father is my hero

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As a human being, I've grown enough to describe my father, i thought this because i encountered a lot of father who have a deferent attitude or way of being a father to their children. Here's mine hope you can make yours too.

Father,King of our Home

F- for me he is my forever hero and

A- amazing actor of his own

T- theater that make us believe in him on making an story and act too as well.

H - he is our trainer and a good provider for all our needs and his

E - eagerness to earned money with all of his heart. He,

R - raise us into a good listener and to be a good provider too, for our own family in the near future.

K - kindness of him is good to cherish and an

I - inspiration to all of us. Me as his child i always

N - need his

G - guidance,love,care and support. And I'm great ful to have him as

O - one of the best example of a good

F - friend, because of his coolness advice when it comes to our lovelife and

O - of course his

U - undying love will

R - remain for the rest of our lives and his

H - humbleness to everyone who needs his support is greatly honor and i am proud of him for his braveness to

O - overcome all the challenges that the encountered to

M - make sure that everything is well and a good

E - example leader to our own team.

  • He will guide us,trained us to be strong and he will taught us on how to handle all the problem that we will encountered and taught us also on how to respect others.


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Title:My father is my hero

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