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After creating the donkey, the creator said- you will work hard all your life, for others

I will carry the burden !! You will not have any intelligence in your head !! I gave you 50 years !! How many donkeys - what's in the cam ?? I do not want to live so long with so much trouble !! Please,

He reduced my life to 20 years !!

The creator said- Jah, so I gave !!

He said to the dog, you will be the most faithful friend of man, but you will survive by eating the leftovers of man !! Your life will be 30 years !!

Listen, the dog is a very honorable speaker, who is God! Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ..... I don't want to live so long !!

God agreed again !!

Then he said to the monkey - O monkey, your only job will be to jump on a tree

To go to another tree !! And to entertain people by showing jokes !! I gave you a life of 20 years !!

How many monkeys are there in my mind- Keo Amre Myrala ..........

Kaindalaya said to God in emotion, "Give me 10 years, I have such a long life."

What do I do with it ??

This time God said to man, you must be the best creature of creation !! The most wise and prudent !! Your life will be 20 years !!

He goes crazy happily inside but only 20 years with such a great life ??

What's up?

He said to the Lord, can't do a thing ?? You gave me back 30 years for donkey, 15 years for dog, 10 years for monkey !! I want to live my life to the fullest !!

God said - even if you understand your own understanding, you do not understand !! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Since then, boys have lived as men for 20 years,

The next 30 years like a donkey pulls the burden of the world!

The next 15 years the boy eats what he gives and then lives like a dog !! And b the next ten years like a monkey, sometimes in the home of one child, sometimes in the home of another child

Their main responsibility is to entertain their grandchildren !!

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Ha ha ha. So funny post dear 😂

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2 years ago

Excellent joke

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2 years ago

Hahaha. Joke tha onek interesting.. Great writong dear

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2 years ago