We don't talk anymore..

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We were always together, all day,all night.

The way we talk,the things we do.

We never kept anything from each other.

Our never- ending jokes,our deep sense of humour. We were like twins,we respected one another,cared for one another,love and cherished each other. We made memories. Wherever we go, whatever we do,we do it together,we confided in each other.

Together we dream the same dream. We promised to be best friends forever.

Things went on smoothly,according to plan,we were best friends, our parents were best friends,our siblings were best friend. It was like a big family tree,like you got everything you wished for.

In the same school,same class,same seat

We were inseparable.

You know how conjoined twins to things together. That's the way we were.

So determined,so focus,so motivated.

Day by day,our love for each other grew stronger, there was a strong bond between us that we ourselves couldn't pinpoint the reason why. If one got sick,the other would feel it to.

We were connected,protected,we had each other backs.

For our whole lives

We lived our lives the best we can. We played,talked,read,exercised,watched movies,did the dishes,homework,went on vacation,all the things we could think of while growing up.

We studied hard, practised,went for competitions,played games,different kind of sport activities, all the things you can imagine.

We were old enough to attend secondary school. We noticed everyone,everything was different from the way it was in elementary school. People had different groups,clubs,gist buddy,there were also bullies.

We were still together all the time,we sat together,ate lunch together and helped each other out.

The bond was still strong

Our friendship still stood. Although we had some minor kick-backs but we stood tall,head held up,we never changed our ways and routine. We came first in class 'always'. We represented the school in different competition,we were outstanding academically,physically and morally. Our parents were proud of us,who were becoming,we were the schools role model. The students,the teachers,the principals loved us,they looked up us,they value us.

But as usual,they were some who dont like us,always looking for a way to separate us but what they actually dont know is the more they try,the stronger our connection.

We passed those test,we stuck together,we stood for each other. We made our way to the final year.

We were still together

It was like a dream come true.

You know that kinda feeling you have when you have someone aside from your mother always there for you,in good and bad times,a best friend,the best company,an ally,someone you share all your deep thoughts with,who knows you in and out,someone who brings the best out of you. Someone you feel comfortable with. That was what our friendship felt like.

We graduated,went to the same university,had the same course,worked in the same company.

It was like destiny was on the same terms with us.

Life was fun,it was good,the memories were unforgettable.

We were old enough to differentiate between right and wrong.

We were starting to realise,we don't have to do the same thing,we need to give each other some privacy.

It was a hard choice to make.

It was tough for the both of us.

We gave up on the idea of doing things differently.

Our choices were different.

Our likes were getting different,our sense of humour was different.

Our perspective were also getting different.

We still confined in each other. We still backed each other up,we still talked,played,watched movies and went out with each other,but,the atmosphere between us was changing.

We were starting to hide things,go out secretly do some stuffs differently.

It was starting..

We continued like that for almost two years until something terrible happened.

We fought

For the first time

We actually fought,not argued

For 6 months straight we didn't talk,watched movies,played games and did all the stuffs we do together.

It was painful.

We were regretting.

we actually knew that both of us was responsible.

Who will talk first?

We were both responsible for what happened and accepted our faults. Our parents actually had to come over to resolve the issue between us.

We cried,apologized to each other.

After few months we continued.

We tried and tried to go back to how we used to be but the tension,the gap between us was obvious.

Our chats,our long talks,our friendly date all our favourite routine was affected.

Slowly,we were growing apart.

We both felt it. We knew something was wrong somewhere but we couldn't exactly figure out where.

Was it when we decided to do things differently?

Was it our first fight?

Was it this? ...... Was it that?.

We couldn't tell exactly what happened

Is it maturity?? Noo

Stupidity?? Noo

Then what!!!

We don't know

We started to do things apart

first was having new friends

We were jealous of each other

We wanted so bad to go back to how we used to be before now.

We went to different parties,different dates,watched different movies.

We continued this way for what seemed like a life time.

We actually graduated from the university and was posted in different location for our youth services.

Was fate playing games on us??

We were so nervous,so scared.

We have never been apart like this not in forever.

We lost word

We missed each other so dearly.

Our connection was beginning to fade

Who will call first

6 months and still counting

We weren't talking anymore.

Who will call first.

We lost contact,we lost hope on our friendship. It was fading. We were dying inside,we were scared.

What's going to happen

If i could wish for one thing, i'll take the smile that you bring. We wished we were together like before.

Our wishes came true

After 1 year of being apart, our families had relocated to different locations.

After a year,we finally met

We bumped into each other in the mall,we were happy,sad,glad,scared all emotions in one.

Memories of the past came flooding back.

Our eyes watered and we ran into each other arms

I'm sorry

Was the first thing we both said. We have missed each other company. We were grown up. We had changed.

We exchanged contacts, pleasantries,we had a long talk.

We laughed,cried,smiled.

We were together again

The bond was reconnecting

We were feeling the same.

How we used to feel when we were younger.

We were back again

Back being two best friends from childhood.

We restored all lost contact. Our families met once more and we started life anew.

We were working in different companies but we always kept in touch.

We confined in one another, shared our scary one year apart story. We finally found the courage to apologize and we did it together.

We came back as the one big family we used to be.

Destiny re-routed its path and came in good tide with us.

We became the lovely sisters,best friend,gist partner,family we were once before.

Thank you for reading this

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