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1 year ago

If you don't trust me enough to tell me your secrets, then don't expect me to do the same..

I don't know if this has been implanted into the minds of individuals,where we no longer trust one another. This is what we face in our era.

Trust issues..

We live in a broken world,whereby we no longer have faith in one another. We give promises,we fail. We tell each other secrets,we spill. We call ourselves best friend physically,but not dear enough. Our faith,our trust in people nowadays has begin to fall,infact it is already falling.

"'Don't trust anyone'".

That what parents would say to their children. What elders would say to their younger ones. What bosses would say to their staff members. And it goes on and on.

Did you know...

One of the things tearing the world apart is the inability to trust in your fellow human. And it has been killing right from the onset,we were just to busy to notice it.

How would a friend entrusts her deepest secrets to you all in the name of trusting you and you go out and use it against her, as her weakness. One person would start something ,before you know,it has gone round the globe. And its killing us both physical,mental and emotional. This particular issue is one of the majority that is tearing the world apart. We now live in a " broken world". We all might be wondering how we are living in a broken world right? . We are actually living in a broken world.

The world's broken.

We live in a broken world whereby:; We can't see an old man/woman wanting to cross the road and help him/her without thinking twice first! Am i right?. We can't walk peacefully in the streets without thinking of bad guys stealing,fighting etc. We don't even trust our government officials especially the police... We can't offer to help a neighbor with her load without thinking twice. There are so many more reasons the world is broken and we all know it except we want to pretend not to know,and if i should start listing.. The list is long. I don't intend on writing a comprehension passage on the topic "Mistrust". I just intend on giving brief message to All my readers out there on something that is killing us and something we all need to work on. Not one person. Everybody. Every single person on earth both old and young,male and female, should try to fix their trust issues.

When someone creates awareness to a large number of people,nobody wants to come out first. They will all be waiting for someone to take a first step,to come out first. Let me be that someone. Let me be the one to come out first. I'll take the first step. We are unknown to each other on this site but as the yoruba would say"Human beings are like water,there's nowhere they can't flow to".

It very possible we meet and might not recognize each other,that doesn't mean I'll change my word. I'll stand by it.

I personally do not have problems with trusting people. I'll trust you,if you don't trust me,I'll still trust you. And if you think you can use that as a sign of weakness,i won't quarrel with you, ill let God be the judge of that.

Why? Because i have done my part. Now its your turn to do the same.

In life we take turns. Do your best πŸ‘


The world's broken

Is the world broken because we can't trust anyone.


Is the world broken because we don't trust anyone.

Make things right. Thanks for reading. And i'm sorry I haven't posted in a while,i hope my readers are still readingπŸ‘πŸ‘. Thank you. πŸ’—πŸ’—

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1 year ago


We don't trust people because of what we heard from our elders and friends but this habit needs to stop because there are a lot of people out there that we can trust even though we still need to be careful

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1 year ago

So true. Thanks for taking time to read. We all need to try our best in all places

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1 year ago