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 Crypto Mining Game

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9 months ago
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In Crypto Mining Game, you will play as a Cryptocurrency Miner in an Original Crypto-Universe!! In a RPG move, game is built around a persistent Crypto-World that evolve with players! There, player can explore millions of areas and complete missions for plenty of Crypto-related stuff including Collectible Cards!

Build a deck of cards and battle for Victory Points to dominate the Crypto-World! That's called... Crypto Mining War!

Crypto Mining Game, launched on November 24th 2017, is the first Original Virtual Mining Game in the world. This game is WITHOUT ANY INVESTMENT, just a game!

Now, with more than 263 000 players, we truly want to send Crypto Mining Game to the moon, and you can help for that, by simply playing this fun game and, if you wish, become a patron to get more features and fun bonus!

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

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Written by   5
9 months ago
Topics: Cryptogame
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