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AMA Recap - CyBall x Game of Bitcoins

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Thanks a lot for actively participating in the CYBALL AMA held on 24th Sep 2021 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with CYBALL

We have with us Benji and Kevin

Hi everyone I'm Kevin, one of the Co-Founders of CyBall and also the Art Director of the project. I have been involved in crypto since 2016 and professionally for around 2 years, working at a VC prior to CyBall

My names Benji, I'm one of the cofounders of CyBall,which is a new P2E soon to hit the crypto gaming scene. 

I'm heavily involved in the NFT scene at the moment, and have been loving how the NFT markets have been. I currently work at a VC and am leading the Marketing for CyBall

CyBall is an NFT-based, Play-to-Earn game on the blockchain. The theme is inspired from football (soccer) where users can collect, trade, mentor and battle their CyBlocs. As inferred, players will be able to earn rewards in the many different game modes of CyBall

Q1. Will we need to do KYC to participate in the CYBALL game and earn rewards? How will users be selected in the distribution of rewards?

At the moment there is no plan to require KYC however users will need to confirm their email in order to register for a game account.

The game will require at least 3 CyBloc NFTs, which users will be able to buy as part of our Genesis NFT Sale in October. Alternatively, users may also be able to borrow some CyBlocs from our CyLoans system which is essentially a lending/borrowing system for game characters.

Rewards are given out every match. Depending on the final outcome of a match (win/draw/loss), users will earn the Play-to-Earn reward token, as well as experience points for their CyBlocs accordingly.

Q2. From what I understand from your website, you are planning to create an NFT Marketplace in the future. So what kind of NFTs will we be able to buy and sell in this marketplace? Will you only allow trading NFTs associated with CyBall?

The CyBall native NFT Marketplace at the start will allow users to trade CyBall's assets such as our CyBlocs, stadiums, body parts and any CyBall related NFT items.

Given the smart contract is going to be a standard NFT Marketplace auction contract, we may also allow trading of NFTs outside CyBall however this is not currently something we have in mind right from the start as we want people to focus on trading CyBall's assets first.

Q3. How do we upgrade Cyblocs' ability in Battle Stadium? How will levels and strategies increase with each battle we win?

Battle Stadium is the PvE storyline mode of our game, where users can grind through multiple levels and earn experience points for their CyBlocs without spending any energy. Given there is no energy cost, there will also be no Play-to-Earn rewards from these PvE Battle Stadium matches.

Every time CyBlocs level up, they will be given a free skill point which can be allocated to any of their 6 footballing skills and thus improve their footballing performance in a match. The strategy here lies in how a user would allocate these free skill points in order to build up his or her team of CyBlocs, as well as how he or she will use them in a match, depending on the key events of each match.

Q4. I would like you to tell us about the different NFTs that will exist in the game and how the rarity system will work, also, could you tell us about the gameplay within the game, a player can play all their cards in one turn or there will be a limiter of how many cards to play?

There will be 2 main NFTs: CyBlocs (our main game characters), and Stadiums (our real estate asset).

CyBlocs can be of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Legendary Class and will also come with 1 to 3 traits the moment they are born (minted).

Initially the gameplay will be fairly easy to learn with the initial Exhibition Mode (PvP) being a turn-based card game at its core.

Users will need a team of 3 or 5 CyBlocs to enter a match i.e. 3 CyBlocs versus 3 CyBlocs, or 5 CyBlocs versus 5 CyBlocs between 2 users.

Each match comprises 6 or 10 key events (6 or 10 turns).

Every turn user will need to perform certain interactions, such as selecting which CyBloc to play that Key Event depending on the criteria of that Key Event, or select certain tactic cards which could affect the CyBlocs, or the flow and outcome of a Key Event.

Each key event will result in a goal for either side, or a draw (no goal)

At the end of a match (after 6 or 10 key events depending on 3v3 or 5v5), whichever side has more goals will ultimately win the match.

Q5. I read that Cyborgs are the main asset of CyBall and the characters of the game, represented as NFT. My question is, any user can customize their Cyborgs to their liking? What are the different types of Cyborgs that exist within Cyball and how do they differ from each other?

CyBlocs can be of different Classes and may have different traits like mentioned previously.

In the early phases of the game, appearances, Class and Traits of CyBlocs are not upgradeable because these elements are all fixed on-chain.

In the future when NFTs can be easily fractionalized, we plan to release custom tools and parts where users can upgrade their existing CyBlocs' appearances.

Further, we may also allow some sort of "alchemy" or "fuse" system where users may be able to use the existing CyBlocs as materials to upgrade into another CyBloc with better Class.

Q6. Can you tell me the progress of the project? And What partners do you want to target in the future?

The project is moving along quickly and we're approaching our genesis NFT drop in October and launching the MVP of the game in Nov/Dec. Right now we have announced C98 as a partner but have many unannounced partners which will be coming out later. We also will be heavily involved with guilds. Some that we're speaking to are YGG, GGG, Merit, Avocado, Yoon Co just to name a few

Q7. How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

The community to any project or any cause, is one of the most important driving factors for it's success. So for us, we know that the our community is of utmost importance to what we aim to achieve. Currently, I can gladly say that we have an awesome community that shows us a lot of support and hype for what we are all about. 

If you want to be part of this movement and project, stay tuned on all of our socials. I'll add the links at the end of this AMA

Q8. Many of the existing games in today’s crypto space have high barriers to entry, high entry fees, difficult for many Crypto Users to access. My question is, in CyBall is it also necessary to pay an entry fee to access the game? If so, how easy is it to access the game?

The barrier for entry monetarily will be quite modest, however, should there be a case where it is unaffordable for some there is an inbuilt CyLoans function within the game that allows you to use the CyBlocs of other players and share the profits you make with them without any upfront cost.

Q9. Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that  your project primarily focuses on? Please share with us!!

This is a great question, and I can understand why you would mention something like this. As you may have already noticed, our project is a little different to others, we aren't rushing to launch a token for the reasons already mentioned, but rather delaying that part of the process as we are here for the long term. 

We are embracing a football theme within our game as Football is recognised as the world sport, and can resonate with everyone from anywhere around the world, to enjoy the game and also relate to it in some way. 

We hope that by perfecting our game, we are able to reach an audience far and wide that can access the game to play and enjoy it, while having a real chance at earning money to help feed themselves and their families, particularly during these tough times that the world is currently facing with COVID-19 at the moment. We hope that we can help improve the lives of as many communities struggling as possible

Q10. How strong is your team? Many projects starts with good impression and later  abandoned the project. What makes your project different than others?

Our team is incredibly strong. We have advisors from the most successful P2E games and Exchanges in the space, the funding for the project ensures that it can sustain any market condition and we also have the Tomochain team working full time on the dev side of the project

Q11. While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands? Most of the new investors, only focus on the price of the token, and the short term benefits of the project rather than understanding the true value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens long term?

Absolutely, our team is actively interacting with the community and taking feedback into consideration. As for the token side and for investors a bode of confidence here is that we are not releasing our governance token until after the game has a successful launch and garnered a solid community. On game launch we will only be releasing our utility token which is used for player rewards and less for speculators. In saying that, how the game functions and is received by the community is currently our primary commitment so once $CYB our governance token is released there may be an incentive there to invest

Q12. What's your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

Our main focus right now is to create the best product possible, to build the most engaging and immersive game that we can possibly build within the confines that we have given ourselves. We are confident that by perfecting our game in every aspect will allow us to sustain the engagement of our community, also with future updates and upgrades. 

We are building our community around a strong and positive culture with people who share and understand our vision for what we are doing and why we are here. The market and which exchanges are something that will come later, and so long as we get our product and community right, the other pieces will come much easier.


There have been some great questions but as with every project, there will be continued developing updates, and we'd love everyone to watch our story as it unfolds

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