My sister, My friend

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It doesn't really if we're together or apart, You're never far from me,you're always in my heart.

I love the we both can laugh,until we almost cry, Yet hug each tenderly, when real tears fill our eyes.

In some ways we're so different,yet our values are alike,So I know you'll always have my back,whenever trouble stricks!

You know my darkest secrets , and you never judge my pain. You validate my dreams,and let me know they're not in vain.

The face I often show the world,is who "they" need to see, But you accept me for myself,as god would have me be.

If i could turn one "wish" to prayer, it would be that you could see,how precious you are in my eyes, and how you'll always be.

For no matter where life leads us,from now until the end, I pray you'll feel my love for you,"My Sister," my best frien...

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Lovely post promisa, love for one another is very vital especially for our family.

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3 years ago

Thanks for commen... Please supporting me

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