ProjectBCH: BCH Adoption Plan By Students

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2 years ago

Spreading Bitcoin Cash Awareness is one of the things that we like at the moment. we are here to know you that we are starting promoting bitcoin cash on other social media platforms.


We are a group of students that are now actively promoting Bitcoin Cash. We are here to tell you our plans about BCH Awareness and how we can do it. And by the way, we are recruited by @realkimmy and she is now supporting and helping us in this project.

I was just browsing on the internet at that time and I saw a post from Kimmy about earning some money in making articles and she is just near our area. so I contacted her and told her about it but I can't understand everything that she has said.

So I told her that I can't understand most of the information that she provided so, we decided to meet up and discuss everything about it. unfortunately, she is not available for a meet-up at that moment.

Last Monday we finally met and she told us about bitcoin cash,, How can we earn some money online without giving our information and bypass KYC. it's because sometimes we can't find some earning site to earn some money. After all, they are requiring KYC.

Yesterday I and my friends here decided to promote Bitcoin Cash on social media and here in our place. Kimmy said if we can help her promote bitcoin cash so that a lot of people can adopt Bitcoin Cash and We can use it as our daily currency.

So we plan everything and starting to promote it today.

Since Kimmy is now promoting it within our city so we decided to just help her with her plan but we have our plans as well. Kimmy will post about her plan soon because she is busy at the moment and I try to contact her but she is not available.

What is our plan?

Buy and Sell Online is one of the active communities here in our city so we decided to make a group on Facebook and promote Bitcoin Cash as a mode of payment in this community.

How can we do it?

We made a Facebook group that named after us and in that group, you can buy and sell anything but you can only do that if you are accepting Bitcoin Cash as a mode of payment.

How can we encourage people to sell in our group?

We need to have a strategy here and the strategy that we are thinking is, we are only focusing on our area so if they sell items on our group specifically if they are targeting people around our city they can just easily transact and sell their products. and if they do that we can help them promote their products manually and we can suggest some buyers to their products if they will accept bitcoin cash payment. but first, we will introduce them to bitcoin cash so that they will understand how it works.

We will educate them about Bitcoin Cash

  • We will do our best to explain to them what is BCH and how fast in can be use for this kind of transactions.

We will set them their own wallet.

  • Most of the seller don't know how to do it, so we are going to help them manually to setup their wallet.

We will support them as much as we can.

  • If they will experience issues or they are having a problem with their transactions or they need some help, we will help them. It's because if we don't support them, they will just back out and they will leave our group if that happens.

We will help them convert their money on our local currency.

This is what we don't want to happen so we find ways to convert their money in fiat without converting it to fiat. confusing right?

Kimmy told us that she can provide and exchange for the meantime but it is limited since she doesn't have that huge amount of money to exchange their Bitcoin Cash for our local currency. This is to prevent selling their bitcoin cash and instead of converting this to our local currency, we will exchange it.

It will be a great partner for Kimmy's plan since she is very active in promoting how to earn some bitcoin cash, so all of the users that Kimmy's invited can spend their bitcoin cash in our group. In that case, we can promote bitcoin cash passively after we reach enough sellers and buyers in our Buy and Sell Group. We are just starting today so expect some updates a couple of days from now.

That's it for now and we will update all of you about our plans in the future.


We are also here to join club1BCH and we want to achieve 1 BCH as well this year. I read some of the articles about it from @Eybyoung and from @eommaZel . This is one of our main reasons why we want to achieve this goal. Thank You!


Who are we?

  • We are students in Bago City, Negros Occidental

Why we are doing this?

  • We are doing this so that we can use Bitcoin Cash as our daily currency in the future.

Why do you want to use Bitcoin Cash as your daily currency?

  • We want to escape from our government and have some freedom in our money.

More Questions?

You can ask more question in the comments below and we will try to answer them all.

Support Us!

Since we are starting here, we don't have enough experience that we can use to success in this project. so if you have a suggestions you can leave some feedback below.

Find Us!

Special Thanks to: @realkimmy

She help us with this article and she guide us to make it more better. Thank You for reviewing our article before we posted it. Thank you for promoting us in

Thank you for reading my article. God Bless You

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Great initiative and post ! Hope you have a great journey with BCH

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2 years ago

Thank you for the suggestion about the link, i fixed the link now. GOD BLESS YOU

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