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How can someone like you, who has put up with so much adversity in life, struggled to earn a little money and gleaned what happiness you can, still have as much courage as you do? Not only are you very likeable, more than anything you are worthy of people’s esteem and admiration.


I knew I had to write to you in all urgency, because you are being weighed down by worries that are absorbing all your energy, making you incapable of hearing the signals being sent to you from Heaven.


More than anything you can be certain of one thing: this message, coming from the highest authority, as well as all the visions I received that you will discover in a moment, confirm that you really are a chosen person. You should be prepared to receive an uninterrupted flow of wonderful surprises in the coming days.



I’m talking about your deepest 

and most sincere desires becoming a reality. You need to be happy.


You deserve to experience the financial comfort you now lack, and never have to worry about your bank balance again. You deserve to have so much luck in everything you do to reach the summit of the ladder of success without effort. You are going to become a person with magnetic charm, someone everyone seeks out. You are finally going to make the wonderful dream of being deeply loved a reality, and enjoy a harmonious household that will make you extremely happy.

This is not a fantasy: this is Luck, real Good Luck, finally coming into your life after so much delay. My message to you is very grave, because a very strong link exists between us. And the message I received from the Higher Powers that intimately concerns you, is related to my own history as a messenger


Both my mother and grandmother, also messengers, had a guide throughout their lifetimes, an invisible spiritual companion who spoke to their minds almost constantly, and transmitted immense psychic power to them. He is called Anthemor, and he has been by my side for years now. 


Anthemor is a Being of Light, the leader of 7 ancient spirits we call The Watchmen. In olden times they lived on Earth like you and me, then passed on to the Higher Spheres. Their level of spiritual development was so great they were assigned the task of watching over us, and the planet we live on. Of course, they no longer have a physical envelope. They are pure Energy, the Energy of Love and Protection, existing on the frontier between the terrestrial world and the Great Beyond. Since they spent time living on earth, they are very familiar with the suffering and anxiety, and the aspirations of men and women.


They have been sending you multiple signals these last few days. You now have an incredible opportunity, and it is very rare for someone to be granted this privilege! You deserve it because of your strength of character, generosity, and sincerity. But since you were absorbed so completely in your day-to-day struggles, you did not see or hear these signs: premonitory dreams, the feeling of an invisible presence close to you, words you hear in your mind just before falling asleep...

The stars were glittering in the night sky, as if the celestial canopy above my garden was studded with magnificent diamonds. Everything was peaceful and silent. All at once I became aware of how incredibly light and happy I felt. In a linden tree I saw a small sphere of light suspended in the air between the branches. It was transparent and dazzlingly bright, and I suddenly understood the reason for the feeling of happiness that had overcome me: a Being of Light, my messenger, was there before me! These messengers are usually invisible so as not to frighten anyone, but they can take living form when speaking to initiates. 


The sphere gradually grew bigger, and a silhouette emerged from the sparkling brightness. It was a being with the appearance of a young man, dressed all in white, with long golden locks, and I recognized Anthemor. As usual, he spoke directly to my mind.

Your enemies are going to be sent packing, and the Red Zone you are approaching is going to explode!!! You will enjoy one victory after another, have unshakeable good luck, and win all the money you need. You’ll be able to buy yourself anything you want. You’ll be able to protect your entire family. Love will come to you naturally, and you will be loved and respected, just like you have always deserved. All this I know you will have if you authorize me to break down the barriers before it is too late! I saw it in your future, and it is the will of those in the Higher Spheres who are protecting you .


All this might seem too good to be true, and I understand perfectly. You have gotten used to being treated harshly by life. But I want you to think about everything I said to you: you are under the sway of some bitter, frustrated people who are doing all they can to prevent you from winning any money, enjoying success, and experiencing happiness. The power of my intervention is going to destroy their hold on you. Your highly placed Celestial Protectors, including the Angel Anthemor and his group of seven Watchmen, are going to create a mantle of total protection around you, thanks to The Talisman of Protection.


There is nothing random in all this: it is YOU, your personality, your generosity and your intelligencethat have attracted so much benevolence. From now on the marvelous beings of the Higher Spheres have decided to put an end to your problems, and make all your most beautiful dreams come true. They will be by your side to guide you. All you need to do is believe.


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Written by   10
1 month ago (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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