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Some Tips On How To Ask For A Pay Raise

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When it comes to asking for a raise, most people are hesitant. They do not want to be seen as being big-headed, spoiled or entitled. However, there is nothing wrong in asking for a raise if you genuinely feel you have earned it, and you have the facts to support your case.

Here are some tips that may increase your chances of being successful.

1  Be Honest With Yourself

You must first ask yourself this question.

‘’Have I earned it?’’ or‘’ Have I earned the right to ask for a raise?’’

You go back and look at your reviews from your boss and peers. You also look at your overall work history, and you ask yourself the following questions.

Are there any indicators of exceptional performance?

Have I gone beyond what was expected of me?

How many times have I shown leadership and exceptional initiative?

What have I done that has added real value to the organization?

You must reach a point where you are genuinely convinced that you have earned this raise. Look introspectively and determine if you really earned the raise.

There are instances where it may be too early for you to ask for a raise. For example, if you have worked for the company for only three months, it will most likely be too early to ask for a raise.

2 Be Prepared

Go through your previous performance reviews and look at the things that have really brought to the table. Gather the verifiable facts and data that support your case. There will be tough questions, and if your facts are not in order, your case can crumble.

Get your story straight in your mind so that you can communicate what you want to communicate.

You have to be certain that the raise you are asking for represents a competitive market rate for your position. Furthermore, the rate has to make sense based on your contribution.

You have to go to the meeting with a figure in your head.

3 Ask Confidently But Politely

You know the things that you have done within the organization that lead you to believe that you have earned this raise. So confidence should not be an issue. Adequate preparation for the meeting will give enough confidence.

However, you need to be very polite because you will be asking a very important question to your boss.  You need to maintain professionalism.

Desist from using words such as ‘’deserve’’, ‘’want’’ or ‘’need’’. You need to present the facts that show that you have earned the right to ask for the raise. Keep in mind that your boss will never give you a raise just because you ‘’need’’ it.

You must never in any circumstance give an ultimatum. You have to display some balance. Do not lead your boss to believe that you are only committed to your pay check and not the company.

Furthermore, do not compare yourself to others because you may not know the contributions they made to the company. The discussion must focus on the contributions that you have made to the organization.

4 Be Prepared To Get Turned Down

It is possible to get a ‘’NO’’ despite the thorough preparation that you would have done. If that happens, you need to be ready to move on and find ways you can enhance your chances of success in the future.

If you do get turned down, ask ‘’What can I do to help earn this raise in the future?’’

You need to be mentally prepared for a denial. Also, you have to at least maintain (or improve if you can) the same levels of your job performance to give yourself the chance and legitimacy to make a similar request in the future.

In some instances, they may not give you a response there and then. They may ask for more time to consider and consult.

This is normal as they are fiscally responsible for the company. However, you need to ensure you agree on a time frame of follow-ups or further discussions on the matter.


Asking for a raise can be a really stressful thing, but often times it has to be done. These are some small but important steps you can take to ensure that you can increase your chances of getting a raise.

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