Environment pollution

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Today I will talk about environmental pollution. Through the evolution of civilization, people are building their own environment by subduing nature.

People are happier and more comfortable with the welfare of science and technology. But the misuse of invented things has led to population growth and pollution in the environment.

Man has polluted his water, soil, air .. Environmental pollution is mainly due to two reasons. One is natural causes, such as storms, floods, tidal waves, earthquakes. And the second is human, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution. .

The use of pesticides, powdered soaps, cosmetics, plastics also pollutes the environment. Naturally, lead, mercury, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. also cause pollution.

The people of the world are aware of the terrible consequences of all these pollutions. Because the very existence of human civilization is under threat today.

So the conscious people of the world have woken up to the protection of the environment.

How to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, what to do to deal with the climate, protection of wildlife and forest resources, water pollution, air pollution, people have adopted various plans.

Ordinary people today have become aware of the environment through the tireless efforts of environmentalists around the world.

Like other countries, environmental protection laws have been added to the constitution of Bangladesh.

However, it is not possible to prevent environmental pollution without controlling the population and making people of all walks of life aware of the environment.

In a socialist country, the government and the people have worked together to protect the environment.

Not war, not peace, not destruction of nature, our main goal should be to make it green.

If we want to protect this world from environmental pollution, we have to plant more and more trees. We have to fill this world with greenery.

Due to environmental pollution, more and more people are getting sick. People are being affected by various deadly diseases.

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