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Death in marriage,release in separation

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2 months ago

There was talk of reconciliation

I will stay on one pillow forever.

"Don't do it" seemed different today

The sad state of love all over the world.

Hand in hand does not match

No one mixes with the chest.

With the mind to mix the mind

Burnt eyes crying today to get away ..

Bring face to face

The mind is not open.

What will happen when I go home on Eid

If you are not with a friend.

The brotherhood dies crying today

No one mixes with the shoulder.

No one says "straighten Qatar"

Do I get the taste of that congregation at home?

"Stay close," said Grameen

Be a friend, raise your hand.

"Stay Home" is now your slogan

You can understand your caste by touching it.

The greatest man in the world

Gailo barely sang the song of unity.

Today everyone says to be different

What kind of rules do you have?

Where are the women's liberation leaders?

Those who chanted the slogan of leaving the house.

If you are at home, it will become a "screen"

Show your face, come and stand on the road.

Where is the king of the world

All the bastards are extreme liars.

Where did the melody of that reunion go

Today everyone is separated from Bapparaj.

Those who broke the rules

I told you to keep your hands.

You too are under house arrest

Who gives medicine, who gives me rice ??

The animals all tied up in groups

They have no fear of "corona" in the forest.

What kind of man are you?

You have to leave the society and become separate.

When people are at fault

The animal is ugly.

The animal will then move freely

Man Ratan is under house arrest.

Today is your death

Separation is therefore the way to seek liberation.

If you think about it, everyone will understand

Conscience is your best court.

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Written by   3
2 months ago
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