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Covid-19 disease

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A very small virus. Not seen with the naked eye. But what an impossible power he has. The whole world is uneasy about the outbreak of this deadly virus. People are being attacked every day. Every day people are dying. More than two million people have already died from the virus. The number of victims is about 3 million. The situation is dire. Mankind has not yet found a way out of this. Despite thousands of attempts, researchers have yet to discover a cure. When will this mortuary stop! No answer. But in the midst of so much wailing around the world, five countries are on their way to winning the war against Corona. The five countries are Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, Germany and Australia.

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Protect yourself and the people around you by knowing the actual facts and taking appropriate precautions. Follow the advice given by your local health authority. To prevent COVID-19 infection:

.Clean your hands often.

.Use handwash that contains soap and water or alcohol.

.Keep a safe distance from the person who is coughing or sneezing.

. Use a mask if distance is not possible. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

When coughing or sneezing, fold your nose and mouth with your elbows or cover with tissue.

. If you feel unwell, stay at home.

. Consult a doctor in case of fever, cough and shortness of breath.

If you call in advance, your healthcare provider will be able to give you the appropriate health benefits quickly. This will keep you safe and prevent infections from viruses and other infectious diseases.

Five strategies to win the Corona War:-

It is not a war of arms, ammunition, missiles or atomic bombs; During these few months, the invisible enemy that kills thousands of people every day around the world is called Kovid-19. Must fight and win against this invisible enemy. To win this war, you have to exercise your conscience and understand science. The stronger the strategy, the more luck will help InshaAllah. There are now only 5 tools in the last fight:

1. Mask: If you go out of the house for any reason, you have to wear a mask. The mask cannot be opened until you return home. I used to feel uncomfortable wearing my own first mask, but now it's just a habit. The other one isn’t using it, so I won’t either. Please don't talk about this kind of suicide. No more arguing about wearing a mask. There is a tendency to open the mask and hang it on the chin while talking, but this puts you at risk. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. If you can't get a surgical mask, wear a three-layer cloth mask, that's fine too. Just hold the mask handle or ribbon, do not touch the body. The three-layer mask made of cloth can be washed and used repeatedly. The mask will protect in different ways. The virus can stay in the air for 3 hours through the cough of the infected person. If there is a mask then protection will be available. The saliva that drips when talking or coughing again, sticks to the mask. It reduces the risk of infecting yourself and others while talking. Moreover, if there is a mask, the subconscious mind will not touch the nose and mouth. Indirectly, it is also a mask because the virus enters through the nose and mouth. Since it is very difficult to say in advance how long this virus will last. So keep in mind that there is no substitute for all these other health rules, including wearing a mask to prevent the virus and not touching the nose-face-eyes. I say there is death, we love our souls so much. So why so reluctant to wear a mask মেনে to distance yourself from others?

2. Physical Distance: Remember now the most frightening are the carriers of the asymptomatic corona virus around us. Please try to get out of the four walls of the house as little as possible without much need. So when you go out of the house, now everyone around you thinks you are suspicious and you must maintain a distance of 8 feet and follow the physical distance for your own sake - for the sake of other family members. If you can maintain a certain physical distance in the market, in the bank or on the road, then the rate of infection is much lower - research has shown. You have to become anti-social for a while in order to survive. Because God forbid, no one will come to your side if you are attacked. Try not to go to the market again and again, so when you go out, calculate accordingly and bring it for a few days. You can't go into any kind of crowd now. At home you know the physical condition of your family members. Even then, if someone in the house has a common cold-fever at this time, they must stay and cooperate while maintaining a certain social distance.

3. Hand wash: When you come home from outside, you must first wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Even at home, you need to wash your hands with soap during this time of infection. When washing your hands repeatedly, take 20-30 seconds to wash your fingers, the back of your hand and every finger. This is because the virus enters the body only when unclean hands touch the nose-face-eyes. Remember that soap is more effective against viruses than sanitizers. If private soap is not available, use sanitizer outside-office. Moreover, we all know that cleanliness is a part of faith.

4. Stay at home: The most effective strategy to win the war. Please do not take this holiday like any other holiday. Please don't tell Eid shopping at this juncture. Which markets are opening, what happened? If you don't go. If there is no buyer, there will be no crowd - there will be no sale. Still on the way to the urgency of the need and in the online news I see in the alleys, in the hat-bazaar there is unnecessary chat, even without a mask. We all know the rules of health but no one wants to obey. This is like an indifference. You have to take care of yourself. Without blaming anyone, please do not think with your own conscience how to go about this dangerous time of virus infection. Let other people do whatever they want. Tell those people who walk the wrong way - brother, I'm a little scared, so I'm not afraid of the virus. Stay at home on your own and stay at home biting the ground with your family members. Because only the person and his family understand the horror of the virus. Tell me how the stomach will be at home? Then my answer is, "If you go out in need, you must obey the above 3 very important rules - 1. Mask, 2. Physical distance and 3. Wash your hands repeatedly. Please talk, will you obey?"

5. Increase immunity: Research shows that the corona virus is constantly changing its genetic makeup as it spreads from one person to another through the eyes, nose and mouth - a mutation. So there is no effective vaccine or medicine against it. That is why doctors are repeatedly emphasizing the importance of increasing immunity. Now the question is what will play and what will increase the body's resistance against the corona virus? According to nutritionists, to prevent corona, you need to eat more nutritious food at this time. For example, you can eat karla (rich in beta-carotene), cabbage, peas, papaya, sweet potatoes. In addition, spinach, red spinach and other green vegetables should be eaten.

Among the fruits guava, grapefruit, malt, lemon, orange, watermelon, olive, pineapple, etc. যা that are readily available can be put on the daily food list at this time. Also carotene rich food helps a lot in preventing diseases. In that case eat more carrots and pumpkins. All of the above foods have powerful anti-oxidants that help boost immunity easily. Honey helps to increase immunity. So put good quality honey on the dining table at this moment. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as needed. Try to keep non-vegetarian food eggs or milk on the food list, which is very effective in boosting the body's immunity. So all kinds of balanced food should be eaten in balance. You should not wait any longer if you have any kind of sore throat or cough. Instead, the only thing to do from that moment is to drink colored tea with ginger, cloves and cinnamon. This will increase blood flow to the cells inside the throat. The immunity of the cells will also increase. Immunity can be enhanced by following their respective daily religious precepts. If you pray regularly, the mind is dependent, and the body is also fresh. The body is getting lazy while staying at home all day. So to stay physically fit, you can increase your immunity by doing free hand exercises from home. Lung exercises will play an important role, as the coronavirus attacks the lungs. You can watch this free hand exercise and breathing exercise sample from YouTube. Lastly, the Corona Epidemic Exam Syllabus but these are just a few things. This corona virus is deadly in dear Bangladesh but it is trying to become desperate to show its ultimate horror. Only a little good strategy of mine and yours can stop it by the will of Allah. Now the decision is yours জীব life is yours too. But if you have any, I am also at risk as a doctor or a neighbor, so this is my request. One should pray to Allah Ta'ala for life with utmost caution and awareness. The mercy of the living great God. Life can be enjoyed if you survive. It is tantamount to committing suicide by jumping into the sea with the thumbs up without knowing the rules of health.

Covid-19 or corona virus is not seen until it is infected and its location is not understood. Our fight is a little different. In dealing with corona, everyone has to be patient, stay in the home quarantine and manage everything carefully and follow the hygiene rules as per the instructions of the government. We are working in emergency service providers such as medical, electricity, WASA, gas, energy, law enforcement agencies and the armed forces, journalists and concerned people in the administrative department but we are fulfilling our responsibilities.

But we do not have the opportunity of home quarantine. We are fighting, I will go, God willing. After the liberation war we got independence and in recognition of the contribution of the liberation war the nation has rewarded them with various titles and opportunities. Apart from this, for various contributions to the society, such as education, culture, social service, etc., the Independence Medal, Ekushey Padak and many more medals are awarded. Hopefully in the future, after the final victory in the Corona War, many will be awarded a special national award. That's normal.

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Written by   270
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