Philippine Folk Tales: Ang Anting-Anting ni Manuelito

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The Anting-Anting is a stone or other little item covered with esoteric engravings. It is worn around the neck, and should deliver its proprietor impenetrable to blade or projectile. Many are wearing these charms, particularly the Tulisanes or fugitives. The Anting-Anting should not be confounded, in any case, with the scapular, a simply strict image worn by an extraordinary number of the Christian Filipinos.

A significant number of the more established Filipinos recall Manuelito, the incomparable Tulisane, who, over fifty years back, kept all the Laguna de Bai region in a condition of dread. His burglar band was efficient and complied with his smallest desire. He had numerous boats on the lake and many concealing spots in the mountains, and all through the nation there was no resident who didn't dread to contradict him, or who might decline to help him in any capacity when needed to do as such.

To no end the Guardia Civil chased him. Ordinarily they encompassed the band, however Manuelito consistently got away. Numerous shots were discharged at him, however he was rarely hit; and once, when he was cut off from his men and encompassed, he got through the line, and however fifty projectiles whistled around him he didn't get a scratch.

The officials of the Guardia Civil reprimanded their men for the terrible marksmanship that permitted Manuelito to get away. They told all the individuals that it ought to never happen again, and guaranteed that the following battle should end in the passing of the bandit. The individuals, notwithstanding, didn't really accept that that Manuelito could be executed, for he wore on his bosom a celebrated Anting-Anting that he had gotten from Mangagauay, the supplier of life and demise.

This appeal was a stone covered with baffling signs. It was enveloped by silk and hung by a string from the burglar's neck, and regardless of whether a firearm were shot inside a couple of feet of him the Anting-Anting made certain to turn the slug toward another path. It was this appeal that consistently saved him from the Guardia Civil.

Manuelito was glad for his Anting-Anting, and commonly, when a celebration was being held in some town, he and his band would descend from the mountains and partake in the games. Manuelito would remain in the town court and permit his men to take shots at him, and each time the Anting-Anting would turn aside the projectiles. Individuals were a lot of dazzled, and however a couple of the more astute ones furtively felt that the weapons were just stacked with powder, they were hesitant to state anything; so the more noteworthy number idea it superb and accepted that there was no appeal so ground-breaking as the Anting-Anting of Manuelito.

For quite a long time the Tulisane, secured by his appeal, proceeded to loot and loot. The Guardia Civil chased him all over the place, yet would never murder him. He became bolder and bolder, and even approached Manila to loot the little towns simply outside the city.

Finally the public authority became burnt out on conveying the Guardia Civil, and requested a regiment of Macabebes to chase and execute the Tulisane and his men.

Manuelito was at Pasay when news was brought to him that the Macabebes were coming. Rather than running from these savage little warriors, he chose to meet them, and numerous individuals offered to help him, accepting that the Anting-Anting would dismiss all shots and give them triumph. So Manuelito and numerous men left the town, constructed channels in the slopes close to San Pedro Macati, and trusted that the Macabebes will show up.

They had not long to pause. The Macabebes, hustling from Manila, arrived at San Pedro Macati and before long found that Manuelito was holding back to battle them. They left the town without a moment's delay and progressed on the Tulisane channels.

It was an incredible battle. From different slopes close by numerous individuals watched the fight. Multiple times the Macabebes progressed, and had to fall back before the savage fire of the Tulisanes. Be that as it may, the Macabebe never knows rout, and again their line went ahead and in one horrendous charge cleared over the channels and bayoneted the fugitives. To no end Manuelito approached his men to battle. They broke and ran toward each path. At that point, seeing that everything was lost, Manuelito began to follow them; however a volley rang out, and, struck by twenty slugs, he tumbled to the ground dead. The Macabebes pursued the flying Tulisanes and slaughtered that of all the band a couple of many, securely arrived at the mountains.

While the Macabebes were pursuing the criminals, numerous individuals descended from the slopes and remained around the assortment of Manuelito. They could scarcely accept their eyes, yet the numerous injuries and the blood staining the ground demonstrated that the incomparable Tulisane was in reality dead.

What of the Anting-Anting? Had it lost its force?

One man hesitantly unfastened the shirt of the dead burglar and pulled out the appeal. The secret was clarified. Fixed immovably in the focal point of the Anting-Anting was a silver slug. There was nevertheless one clarification. The Macabebes had softened a sculpture of the Virgin and utilized it to make shots to shoot at Manuelito. Against such slugs the appeal was futile, however against normal lead it could never have fizzled. Had not the individuals seen Manuelito's own men fire at him?

The appeal was taken from the neck of the dead Tulisane and numerous duplicates were made of it. Indeed, even right up 'til the present time many individuals are wearing them. They will educate you concerning Manuelito's extraordinary quarrel and furthermore over his celebrated Anting-Anting.

"However, you state, "the Anting-Anting was pointless. Manuelito was executed."

They answer, "Truly, SeƱor, it is valid; however the Macabebes utilized shots of silver. Had they utilized lead the story would have been unique. Poor Manuelito!"

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