Invest Time with People, not with Gadgets

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2 years ago

"I spent an hour with my father in the bank, as he needed to withdraw some cash. I was unable to oppose myself and inquired...

''Pa, for what reason don't you use your web banking?''

''For what reason would I do that?'' He inquired...

''Indeed, at that point you won't need to go through an hour here for things like this.

You can even do your shopping on the web. All that will be so effortless!''

I was so amped up for him to start web banking.

He asked ''If I do that, I won't need to go out of the house?

''Truly, yes''! I said. I disclosed to him how even grocery can be delivered at home now and how Lazada/Shopee delivers everything!

His answer left me silenced.

He said ''Since I entered this bank today, I have met four of my companions, I have talked some time with the staff who knows me very well at this point.

You know I am alone...this is the companionship that I need. I like to prepare and go to the bank. I have sufficient time, it is the physical touch that I need.

Two years back I became ill, the storekeeper from whom I purchase organic products, came to see me and sat by my bedside and cried.

At the point when your Mom tumbled down couple of days back while on her morning walk, our nearby food merchant saw her and quickly got his vehicle to bring her home as he probably is aware where I live.

Would I have that 'human' contact if everything I do is thru online?

For what reason would I need everything delivered to me and force me to interrelate with simply my phone?

I like to know the individual that I'm dealing with and not simply the 'merchant'. It makes bonds of relationships.

Does online shopping deliver all this as well?'''

Technology isn't life..

Invest time with people.. Not with gadgets."

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2 years ago


I agree with you that tehnology isnt life but these days when we have corona virus technology is the life.I am buying almost everything online,also bank I have online.

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2 years ago

This new normal that we have now is jus temporary, I know that this will end soon. Because of technology, we are able to do the things that we usually do prior corona virus.

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2 years ago