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The day was long...

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3 months ago

Monday was gradually creeping away, well it went smoothly, my Monday wasn't stressful, but there was something that happened in the evening. I switched off my phone twice yet my messages were not entering. I began wondering if the subscription I did few days have finished. I was already becoming angry with the network producers. But I was surprised that messages were entering through my telegram channel and I almost concluded that telegram does not use subscription, how is that possible 😂😂😂?

Not long I understood that it was a general issue that some social media sites were down.

On Tuesday, I woke up a bit late and got ready for work. Then I remembered that it was Teacher's Day. Government-owned schools declared that day a public holiday to celebrate their teachers. But for us in the private sector, we would be celebrating ourselves by next week Tuesday. The association of Private Schools had earlier brought a cloth we would buy to attend the party they would be organising.

I used to have a busy schedule on Tuesdays, I outrightly have classes from the first period to the last. Tuesdays are usually not funny for me. I couldn't finish all my periods for the day because my cousin and I will be going shopping for an event.

It wasn't funny, things were expensive, I needed to cut down my budget. Not long while still in the market, we saw a mob beating a man naked. He stole. Well, I'm not surprised, this is a normal thing you see in such a big market like that. Some people pitied him while others didn't.

After buying the necessary things, we set for home thank God there was no traffic. I got home on time and began to prepare to go to church.

My day ended with a funny story. A friend who we all graduated together chatted with me to tell me the latest trend in the school we graduated from. One of our lecturers in the department raped a girl in his office. Well, I told this my friend that I am not surprised that this same man would blatantly come to class that if he makes passes at you, you ought to see it as a privilege.

I mean I know of some students who probated, spilled, and had carryovers in their courses because they have refused to sleep with a particular lecturer. The same man who has been accused of rape had been accused of 'sex for grade', students were made to write a petition which they did but the department threatened to seize all the student's results.

That department is a scum. Some lecturers go as far as telling students to book a hotel for both of them. Whenever you tell someone that you studying my course you would immediately see care. They would ask why you have to study this nice course in this school. We blame the youths for the fall in Education but what about male lecturers, who want to frustrate all the female students in the department.

On Wednesday, the truth is being investigated by the Student Union but now we're told that the final year students who were raped have refused to pick her calls. I hope nothing happens to her...

My Wednesday wasn't that stressful but annoying. How do you feel waiting for someone, you keep calling the person and he or she keeps saying "you will see me now" but you will keep waiting and won't see the person. I left school at 9 am and had plans to return at noon but my plans were dashed out. I was vexed in my mind but what will I do, she was only doing me a favour...

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Written by   27
3 months ago
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