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My weekend...

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2 months ago

Pls, I want to deviate a little. I had promised to write the remaining part of "always watch your back", but I want to quickly do this before writing them.

This was yesterday being Saturday. I usually plan myself but during the week and at weekends. So likewise yesterday which was the weekend I had planned my activities.

I had told you guys at a time that I am into an investment in a property. So as God may have it, I had been able to pay 70 percent of my money and my property will be allocated that Saturday. At first, it was as if wasn't going to work because our 'alawee' was delayed and the deadline was getting close. The school where I teach for my PPA has refused to pay us and so I was so dependent on that alawee. I was so angry, everyone was angry because we all have our problems to solve with that money. At last, the money came at a day to the closure of the stuff.

Let me deviate a little...

I am into real estate. We sell already built houses and drylands. Our lands are located at Atan and very affordable. We also have at Mowe or anywhere of your choice. The importance of acquiring landed properties can not it ignored. Landed properties appreciates when you buy, you leave for years and resell. When you resell you tend to get more than thrice and more of what you bought. Or you can build on it and rent it out or live in it and save yourself from unnecessary drama from some funny Landlords...

Or what some people do is this, they build on it and use the rent paid to them by their tenants to pay the high bills they pay in the big towns and cities.

If you live on earth without calling a small portion your own you would remain a slave. And they far very affordable, you can use the tips rusty pays to fond this project.

Let us go back to our gist...

I paid and told hubby he would follow me to know my portion and he was able to clear his schedule to join me.

Hubby picked me at a particular junction and we headed to their head office at Egbeda. When we got there, I joined the seminar that has kicked off.

At 11 am, we started our journey. Meanwhile, I got to meet my friend Esther a colleague at work but NYSC separated us, she was unable to work has to Lagos but she's currently in Ogun state.

My friend and a colleague with a staff of the company accompanied us in the car.

Thirty minutes into our journey, hubby's car broke down and we all have to come down. Luckily for us, we saw a mechanic who told us that it would take two hours to work on the car. I became frustrated. I knew I had been having distractions from coming for this allocation which I had fought and overcome.

Two hours we were still there.

We became hungry. So my friend and I bought some snacks and I also bought some for hubby.

What was supposed to be two hours turned out to be four hours and more. Everything finished at some minutes past four, and so we couldn't continue on our journey.

We boarded the car and turned back home. I began feeling bad for putting in such stress😓. I tried apologising but he said this is what he is supposed to do and there was nothing wrong. We were allocated our plots in absentia but hubby promised he will take me back there in two weeks since he is familiar with the roads.

Getting home, I was famished and I asked there to give me whatever they have cooked as food that I could eat a human being considering the was I was hungry.

This is what I had as dinner; beans and plantain with pap and milk. I never knew I could finish this meal but I devoured it, Lol...

I finished this and woke up with a running stomach this morning😂😂...

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Written by   27
2 months ago
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