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'Hushing' Thursday!

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4 months ago

It was going to be like a family reunion after the death of our big aunt in October. But this time around, it's a thing of celebration. It's a big day we've been anticipating for it. But you know what, it's a big day for me because my big cousin will no longer be singular but plural. You see eh, this my cousin has seen things in the hands of women.

At first, he wanted to go for B(let me use that for now), he loved her I could feel it in his words and his actions. Then she was in school that is this B. He would go as far as providing almost her needs because she was from a humble background.

Well then I was still living with him, but I never liked her because she is a proud person. Mere looking at the way she walks, she walks with her chest out. She looks down on people and has little or no respect for people.

Meanwhile, we could not air our displeasure about her because he was so much enthusiastic about his love for her. Most times when coming back from church, my cousin would help carry her bag while she wines her waist following him. This most times infuriates us and we would be asking why love has taken a huge hold on him.

Not long, I began hearing a different story from my cousin that he was no longer interested in her, "she is proud" was the next thing I heard.

"Oh the scale has fallen off his eyes," I thought to myself.

I think it took him up to another two years before he could hook up with another lady but it was as if this one is stylishly wicked.

He submitted a marriage proposal to the marriage committee of my church and she was called on and requested she would want to pray about it.

Guess what, she's still praying about it till tomorrow. At first, she said she wanted to travel out for her Masters and cousin of course has to be patient.

After the Masters for more than two years, ok aunty comes back now, for where she said she was still praying over there.

If I'm not mistaken, this thing lingered for over 5 years and my cousin had to move on.

According to him, just last year he began chatting with a lady from the eastern part of the country. They have known themselves for months. He said he has sealed his heart from that thing called Love, that's why he has been telling every lady he comes across that he is occupied.

As God may have it, he wrote a marriage proposal to his pastor about this lady, guess what his pastor gave him a big go ahead that he has made a right choice that he knows her to be a virtuous woman.

Just this Sunday, mum said he told our pastor about our Journey to the east for this long-awaited event. We I call it unfortunately or fortunately, my pastor said I shouldn't go that my mum should go alone.

I wasn't happy that I will miss the whole "medemede" but a bit happy because I'm currently hell broke. My big cousins were not happy that I wasn't coming. I told them my pastor did not permit and they asked the reason.

That Thursday morning, I planned to prepare for the journey the following day and also call my pastor to know his reason. I immediately went to my tailor to see if my dress was ready because I was making a dress for the wedding. After that I quickly went to arrange some things for the journey.

Then I called my pastor and he bluntly told me not to go anywhere that he wasn't persuaded to allow me go😭...

I gave up😥.

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Written by   27
4 months ago
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