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How I will spend my $590.000...

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3 months ago

Happy new month all. Yeah, this is just the fourth day of the month that means the month is still very young.

I want to first thank God for the gift of life. Sincerely speaking, September didn't go the way I wanted. My targets were knocked down by busy schedules and ill health. First I was busy with school work, trying to merge keeping up as a core subject teacher and a Lagos Corper with house chores.

Oh my God, I guess it was all these that caused the sickness. My eye was turning me, severe headache and weakness. I took drugs but it wasn't curing and have to go for series of treatments. By taking some samples of my blood, I realised that my blood was low. I just want to thank God that I'm awake this morning, alive and alert, and enthusiastic about Life.

Though September didn't go the way I expected, I thank God that I am healthy, health they say is wealth.

So I have decided not to say much about this new month. I want to take a day at a time though having my plans in my heart. I pray and I believe to achieve much this month.

Ok, back to our topic. This topic had been trending for a while and I thought to join the trend. I believe if you are expecting something big you ought to prepare for it so that you can efficiently use it and not abuse it. So have decided to have faith and make plans for the money before it arrives, Lol...


Yeah, as the day approaches our target of having this wedding done this year is becoming so real but we have to do all these with finance. We all know the hike of foodstuff down here in Nigeria and you can imagine making a budget to feed over three hundred people. Meanwhile, in the eastern part of the country where I come from, we must do the traditional marriage before the church wedding and that also involves money. Well, if I should have this money $590, I will take some chunk of it to support hubby for the wedding, or I would rather tell him to save the money and sponsor the wedding and make it as elaborate as I wanted. I would organise my bridal shower and that of boo's bachelor's eve.


With the hike of things, I deliberately told boo not to bother traveling for our honeymoon, rather we may just visit any nice spa or eatery around to spend some time. But with this money, I would take us around the nice places in the country, places like Obudu cattle ranch, ogbudu spine at Enugu, waterfall at Lekki, and some other nice places. I would also love to order the biggest size of pizza and cold stone ice cream while lodging in one of the exquisite hotels. Sincerely speaking I had only tasted these once and I want to do it again but in a bigger way.


Boo has an investment in Lagos and it's his dream to starting working on it immediately we are married, where we will be living would not give enough space for our kids to be free to play around. So it's his next dream. I will support him so that he could put up his dream edifice and a journey of years will be achieved within months.


I run an NGO (GiveThemLife), against girl child abuse but will be looking at child abuse in the nearest future. With this money, I would love to help some of these girls who have been abused due to the circumstances surrounding them. Some of these girls are being abused by their uncles who they live with and they can barely do anything about it because they are responsible for their feeding, clothing, and Education. I would make sure those abusers face the consequences and give these girls a good Life and Education to some reasonable length where they can now fend for themselves.

What about those girls who have been put in the family way as a consequence of being raped. And some of them have become carriers of deadly diseases as a result of the wicked act of their abusers. I would love to have a home to habit such teenage girls who are going through these. Will the help of the money, I would be able to achieve this.

Thanks for reading friends...

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Written by   27
3 months ago
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I operate a small food program for the poor in the Philippines as a US citizen. The rich are getting wealthier off the pandemic while the poor suffer from hungry. Our budget is stretched think but so far God has supplied our needs and helped others eat. I don't want a lot of money as it distracts from my service to God. I've experienced it before and I was severely sidetracked. I'll continue to depend solely on Him and let Him grace the ministry.

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3 months ago