Let's Practice Good Relationship with Others

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EVERYONE has a personality. And because of that, there is a good chance that there will be things that they do not agree on. But even if we say we don't like someone we still work with, we still have to make an effort to like them. For your organization and relationship as co -workers to be good.

Throughout the day, we spend more time with our co -workers than with our family or loved ones. So it is only right that we have a deep and harmonious dealings with them.

It is very important to have a good or harmonious relationship with co -workers. In this way, you will be able to show your ability even more. And good co -worker relationships result in good performance. Each employee's ability will be better released if they get along with his colleagues. Each member must also have mutual understanding and sympathy.

There are some of our co -workers we may not get along with because we do not understand them or because they do not understand us.

If we don't want to and if we want to, we have to be professional and get along with them well. Because of that, here are some tips to have a good workplace and strengthen the organization of each co -worker:


Gossip doesn’t go away in the office. Gossip and slander are one of the reasons why co-workers quarrel.

So it should be avoided without cracking the organization of an office. It’s also harder to have an enemy in office because you can’t do what needs to be done properly.

There are also some people who when confronted by a co -worker, are very kind. But in turning away from it, it is slandered.

Avoid such work as it will do nothing to improve co -worker relationships.


Even when an issue arises, hold back and don't get angry immediately. Identify the problem first before reacting. Some are carried away by the impulse and some just hear something bad, get angry right away.

Not everything we hear we can say is true. Therefore, identify the problem before taking action. It is also better to find a solution to the problem than to exaggerate it.


Communicating properly, it is also an important factor to build good relations between co-workers. Good communication is important.

In case there is also a future issue or misunderstanding, avoid raising your voice because it will do nothing good. It's not like you raise your voice that your co -workers will be afraid or you'll be ahead of them.

The effect of shouting is even more negative because it means you are not able to properly handle sensitive things or problems ahead.

Raising one's voice also causes co -workers to ignite.

Always keep in mind that if we want to be heard we must first learn to listen. Choose the words to use carefully. Try to explain your side calmly and politely.


Being calm is our most effective weapon on a daily basis. Therefore, train yourself to be calm and sober at all times and occasions.

We can be stressed at work as well as with our co-workers so we just have to be able to handle ourselves.

Extend patience to avoid temper tantrums that can cause a strained relationship with colleagues. We also need to learn to control our emotions. Always remember that temper never does any good.

So be calm and calm so that you can think correctly and make good decisions.


Another good thing to do is to go out with co -workers after each task.

This is an effective way to have a deeper relationship with co -workers. Try to eat out or in your home.

If there are free days, swimming or parties can be set up. Co -workers are more likely to like them because of them.


We also try to understand our co-workers even if they are too difficult to understand or they have unacceptable habits.

There is a reason why our co -worker is bad or sometimes sloppy. We all have our ups and downs in life. We have problems in relationships and at home. Therefore, we must force our co -workers to understand. Understand them. Put yourself in their situation to better understand them. This is the simplest but most important step in an integration.

It is important to have a good relationship our co -workers. So try to have a good organization as co -workers.

Have a nice day everyone, especially to my dear #rusty!

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1 year ago


En los trabajos lo mejor que hay que hacer, es llevarse bien con los compañeros y siempre existen compañeros envidiosos o tóxicos, lo mejor que podemos hacer es dejar bien claro, las cosas y sobre todo no juzgar a nadie y no llevarse por lo que vemos a primera vista, hay que ser bastante sabio e inteligente en nuestras oficinas o ambiente laboral y así en nuestras vidas cotidiana, practiquemos la prudencia.

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1 year ago

"Not listening" and "believing what they wanna believe" is some annoying toxic qualities people now a days have.. even though we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves, people are not letting us be

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1 year ago

Yes that's very annoying that anyone do.

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1 year ago

In a company or organisation of different workers, good relationships matter for the betterness of the company. When workers don't have a good relationship with each other, the company will tend to fail or break down at any moment.

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1 year ago