Is Everything happens for a reason?

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Sometimes even without a reason we still look for a reason just to fill the small space in our minds that everyone has a reason. But sometimes we don't really need a concrete reason to do other things or the things that other people have done to us or the things that are happening around us. Example in love, because the heart does not accept reason and does not need any reason, you will love and you will love with or without reason. 'When the love we feel is sincere we will not look for what the person we love has, it doesn't matter what he has or not for what reason you can think of because love is more predominant than whatever reason you can invent .

Isn't it true that when you're happy with whatever you're doing you don't need any other reason? It’s hard to get tied to a concept you have to act for a goal that when you fail you give it a reason or justification, even twisted reasoning. It's not that we haven't succeeded in something we can justify it with "there's a reason it didn't happen" but the truth is often we just don't do or have done everything we can to succeed, whether intentionally or not many things are negative. became an outcome because we did not take care, prepare or prepare. Life is what you make it, that is.

For example ...

You will fail an exam if you do not review or you neglect to study.

You will be late for the appointment if you do not leave earlier.

Your illness will get worse if you do not go to the doctor or take medicine.

If you don't provoke you won't get into a fight.

You don’t have a sensible job if you haven’t finished school.

You will not win a competition if you do not participate.

You will always be doomed if you are not careful.

If you didn't have a lover, your life wouldn't be so chaotic.

And many other scenarios.

I believe we have all lived for a meaningful mission and for deep and good reasons. I am NOT taking it out of anyone’s mind but I believe that a large percentage of events in our lives are random; that all your decisions today will affect your life tomorrow, that you are what you are today because of what you did yesterday, that you are where you went today because that is the path you have chosen to take, that if any serious illness could have been prevented ) what you have is due to indifference, neglect or self-abuse.

Prayer will not be effective if you do not combine it with perseverance, effort and perseverance. All your goodness and effort in life will be rewarded with goodness and prosperity. Why would you be blessed if you were lazy? Why be blessed if you are not ashamed? Even if you do not understand what is happening in your life now when the day comes you will understand it, even if we do not witness the karma of criminals surely in the next life they will experience it. What is planted it will also reap - this is Universal Law to remember. Bad deeds resulting to bad karma, good deeds resulting to good karma.

Man’s negligence of self and neighbor often results in disaster, no one has the right to justify the negligence committed. Sometimes a baby has an illness or abnormality due to the negligence of a mother when she was still pregnant, not because of "some reason". What is the reason or justification for having a homemaker who is irresponsible and does not even try to find a job?

Everyone has the freedom to think and carry out what is on the mind. Freewill. What a waste of our freewill if you only rely on destiny to happen in your life, what a waste of our freedom to think if everything is for you to find a reason, what a waste of talent if it is not utilized for fear of what reason.

There may be lessons and lessons in our past but this is not a reason for anyone who desecrates our future not to pay for sin. Except for the DIVINE PROVIDENCE called. Even though we often disobey God's will, often even with warnings not to do something we still do, sometimes even though we know it is wrong and sinful we still don't care. Because man is man; mistaken and sinful. But let us not abuse reason and use our humanity as an excuse for unending sin.

Have a nice day everyone especially to #rusty!

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