How to deal with toxic people?

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Toxic mean was "poisonous" but in recent years it has become commonly used to describe negative people, situations, relationships, and so on.

A person can be considered toxic if they always have a negative outlook on things.

"Usually it's people who are pessimistic after all the good things you've done, they just see it as wrong. People who are not grateful. They just complain about everything.

Most of the time, people don't know that they are already toxic.

"People have their own habits because it depends on their upbringing, depending on their upbringing. Being toxic can be normal to them because their environment is toxic, so when they bring it [to others] they are not aware that it is toxic.

It is important to ask yourself if you can still associate with a negative person or if you should avoid it.

Ask yourself: How much do I love myself? Because if you love yourself why are you around people like that.

But is it really necessary to completely cut off any connection with the toxic person?

If it doesn't help you... It really depends on you because it's his or her. We call it, you edit your relationships. You can cut it or you can edit it or put it away.

How are you? Are you toxic too?

How can you avoid and manage your communication with toxic people?

Is you workmates ang working station toxic?

Honestly, nothing beats the stress brought on by toxic people. There is no existing logic so even their complaints and issues are repeated and crazy.

So what should you do when you are with people like that?


Don't use your feelings to talk to them. Just imagine that you are a sales agent and they are your client. Sometimes there are clients who are unreasonable and very demanding.

But right, even in any business, we have to be patient because they are clients. So if they have something bad to say, it goes in one ear and out the other.

After all, it's just a job with no personality.

"Avoid toxic people so you don't get infected"


It is better if you avoid than you are avoided. By the way, if you know there is a landmine there, why would you go there? It's better to avoid being blown up.

Well, what if it can't be avoided?


When you follow their temper and toxicity, it's like you've punished them too. Do not fight fire with fire. Rock on rock, no one wins, everyone loses.

Toxic people sometimes magnify even small things just to say something. I hope it will go through their prayers, it's really stressful even if you don't fight back with them.

Have a blessed day and to our dear #rusty!

Thank you for reading guys!

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October 20, 2022
Title: How to deal with toxic people?
Author: PrincessMae

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