How to be more patient with your child?

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Hello my read cash family, how are you all doing? Hope you have a great day. Have a nice day, especially to our dear #rusty.

Today I want to share to you some tips on how are we going to deal with our children. Some tips for more patience and better understanding with children because the time is different for our children. We should establish some rules and limits and teach our child by example.

Children do not understand patience because they understand time differently than adults. The time is different for our children. Children determine time differently than adults. As an example, when a child was shopping at the supermarket with his parents and asked for something he had seen, the father told him he would not buy it but the child saw something else in ten minutes and came back to it. . ask and so on throughout the purchase ... in this situation it is easy to guess how a parent may lose patience with the child’s insistence.

But the little one does not pretend that the parents have lost patience, nor does he pretend that everything in the store was bought for him, the only thing without clear rules and established limits the child will see every ten minutes a new opportunity to try you get what you want To avoid losing patience in this situation, it is important to clarify before entering the store that you will buy only what is on the shopping list.

Establish rules and limits to understand that children do not want parents to lose patience, they understand the world very differently from adults and they need parents to guide them and explain the rules according to their age and their abilities, so the first thing you need to be more patient with your children is to have clear rules and limits.

Let us teach them by example, just as children learn to be more patient with age and maturity, parents can also learn to be patient by helping children and understanding their attitude. It is important to remember that example is the best teacher.

Tips for more patience and better understanding with child. Most of the times parents do not know how to be more patient with their children because of the daily exhaustion, but in order to raise children with patience, they must be taught by example.

Let's try to see some tips to improve our patience

- Breathe and count to ten: Take a deep breath and count to ten when you start to notice that you are losing patience. Children are good at imitating and if parents do not know how to be calm they can transfer the anxiety to the little ones, if at some point they lose patience, you always have to apologize to the children to show regret.

- Have compassion for children: Put yourself in children's shoes. Sometimes it is simpler and more practical to try to understand children’s behavior than to focus on nerves. Many times children are nervous because they are drowsy, because they are tired, etc. and there is no fact that they should wait because the parents will lose patience, so to avoid conflicts the right thing to do is to attend to the children without waiting.

-Daily routine: Another very useful tip is to have a daily routine so that children know what is present at all times and those who have enough also know it. old age, in this way and having a more organized day, normalcy will calm everyone down.

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